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The price for the development of Augmented Reality app

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Augmented reality contributes to being the technology which supplements the surrounding environment with details and images which are created via the unique technical tools.

It also enhances the immediate environment of the users via digital data. In accordance with the analysts, there has been an exponential growth in the AR market by 47% in 2017. According to studies, there will be tremendous growth in this field in the upcoming years.

The price for the development of Augmented Reality app

How AR works

Below is the best option for the creation of augmented reality mobile app

  • Camera or optical scanner of the device will be identifying the pictures of the real objects
  • The device software will make an analysis of the resulting images after which it will calculate or choose visible augments, which are present in correspondence
  • After this, the real images are known to be combined with the augments after which it is outputted to the device for visualization.
  • It is possible to use Augmented reality technology in a plethora of fields, for easing the educational sector, patient diagnosis, manufacture for the model, the design of products, the e-retail and commerce for the stimulation of sales. It is possible to take communication to the next level with the aid of applications with augmented reality.

Investment in augmented reality

The corporate giants are pouring a lot of funds in order to develop augmented reality apps.

At present, even startups and medium scale enterprises are invested in AR, considering the different benefits, they can reap in. Such investments are made in a plethora of sectors which are inclusive of hardware, generalized customer services, advertisement, distribution as well as entertainment.

At present, business organizations are investing in different Augmented reality apps for industrial and commercial uses. There is huge potential for the development of PC and mobile apps with the aid of augmented reality technology. Development of such apps can provide a boost in the profits and productivity for the business.

Factors that have an impact on the price for the development of AR apps

Here is a list of factors that have an effect on the costs for the development of augmented reality apps

Business model and platform

It is possible to develop AR mobile apps in a bundle of sizes and shapes. The function of the application is dependent on a wide array of platforms which is inclusive of Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad, Web/PC, Android, and Windows smartphones. The price for theAR development solutions differs, in accordance with the platform, on which it is based.

In addition to the platform, the business model for commercial application has an impact on the AR mobile app. There is a wide assortment of factors that have an impact on the overall price of the augmented reality app.

Whether you need complete eCommerce functionality, whether it will be possible to download the application at free of cost, whether it will be sold in the market for the fixed price, are few of the parameters which have an impact on the overall price of the augmented reality app. The price for the development of these apps can be within the range of $50 000 to $250,000. At times, if you are willing to add complex functionalities, the price for the development of the application can rise up to $2,500,000.

Design and application features

Functionality, design, application features are recognized to be some of the worth mentioning parameters that have an impact on the price for the development of AR app. In addition to this, the different technical specifications of the application, whether it is an application based on the database or list based, or with or without API component or server have an impact on the price.

The creativity in the display of the AR app, the user interface design also has an effect on the user interface design. With the inclusion of a wide array of elements in the app, the price for the development of the app will also increase.


The complexity of the augmented reality app is another vital parameter which determines the final cost of these apps. The user interface of the app is essential for the augmented reality application. Though a simple interface is sufficient for the development of web or PC apps, the tablets, smartphones are highly complex and involve a huge cut off from the pocket.

Choice of the augmented reality app development company

The choice of the Hire AR developers Dubai happens to be one of the prime factors that have an impact on the price of augmented reality mobile app. In order to develop the augmented reality app, you need to invest the whopping amount, ranging between $800,000 to 1,500,000.

Apps which are developed by the moderate development companies can cost within the price range between $200,000 to $470,000. Startups can develop these apps for your business at a much lower price range.

There are companies that can develop these apps for your business within the price range of $10,000 to $50,000. However, within this price range, you will get the basic features of Augmented reality along with the simplest of the different user interfaces. Such apps are developed with the aid of low cost or free development tools.

The price for the development of augmented reality mobile app does not end at the interface development or the primary design. There are wide arrays of overhead costs which are added to the final price quote. These costs are inclusive of user interface-tabs, creative design, likes, pop-ups, infrastructure, application features, maintenance, app monitoring, testing, administration, updates, customer support, and server costs.

There are wide arrays of companies that offer Mobile Development Services. Such companies can develop highly functional augmented reality app for your business. There are wide arrays of experienced professionals that offer affordable augmented reality solutions. You can add to the success of your business and can enhance the ROI of your business with the development of augmented reality apps for the business.

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