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Android or iOS? How to select in Small Marketing Budget

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Android or iOS? How to select in Small Marketing Budget

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS both are groundbreaking operating systems. Both these operating systems offer fascinating options and give the cut through the competition to each other. The ever-growing popularity of both these platforms can’t be neglected. Both these operating systems are shaping the world of mobile devices with constant improvisation, but the question is which one to opt for a small marketing budget and get desirable results.

What Android and iOS Offers?

  1. Influential Icons: - Android & iOS offer innovative and more appealing icons. These icons easily catch the audience attention and provide with greater satisfaction.
  2. HTML Support: - Both the platforms provide with better HTML support and cater all the multimedia needs of the users.
  3. Better Browsing Experience: - These platforms provide with better browsing experience as compared to other platforms.
  4. Timely Updates: - Both the platform offers consistent software update with improved security and faster results.
  5. Advanced Functionalities: -  iOS app development and android app development, both offer rich app features and high functionality.  

In 2019, we can expect almost 374 million people to own a smartphone, about 39 percent of all smartphone users .

The rising number of smartphone users keeping the Android app development or mobile app development market competitive and presents with top-notch technologies to get the best result and provide users with the best customer service experience.

Competition Between iOS & Android

Both the platforms are getting immense popularity in the mobile world. They have become major players of mobile app store and becoming more customer-centric.

They simultaneously capture the targeted audience attention and showcasing mobile business apps.

Without further ado, let's dive deeper into iOS & Android competition to understanding the key aspects of smartphone user experience.

  1. Security: - Security is a major concern in today's advanced world because hackers are finding ways and coming up with sneaky ways to harm the platform in the most unexpected way. To be sure you never encounter with malware one must download the apps from play store instead of directly downloading it. Mobile apps have huge value for users and can create a great user experience.
  2. Ease of Use: - Android interface is easy to use, but so is the IOS interface. Both the platforms have cut through the competition and offer ease of use. The one who has used Apple can comfortably use android without much of a trouble.
  3. Affordability: - Everyone is well aware of the price of Apple and Android. Apple is always been at the high end in terms of the market price while nothing competes with the Android. From the scale of variation, Apple can't compete with Android unless you dive into the refurbished or secondhand market.
  4. APPs: - When we are talking about the number how can we forget about the apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There are approx 3.5 Million Android apps wherein Apple app store consists of 2.2 million apps. These numbers clearly reflect the continued growth of Android and show how much people love Android as compare to iOS when it comes to apps and its usability.
  5. Battery life and Charging: - There are a huge variety of Android phones, hence comparing the battery life and charging is a daunting task.  If I share my personal experience, then Motorola, Samsung, and other Android phones don't need to recharge as frequently as iPhones. The battery life of your phone also depends on your uses, therefore, deciding which one is better is difficult.  

How to Select Platform In Small Marketing Budget?

With a limited budget, you can opt for the one which suits your requirement the best. This progressive era is exploding with technology advancement and showcasing the tremendous development growth of both platforms.

The competition is between both the platforms is really though, where Apple is always in the lead and Android keeps on coming on top every now and then. For multiple businesses, Android is the first choice when it's about the limited budget.

Factors Help You Manage Marketing Cost

  1. Be Sure Who You Want to Reach:

    Smartphones are turning out to be the most essential part of our life. With each passing day, the mobile app industry is growing at a rapid pace. There are numerous Android & iOS apps available which help us in a lot of different ways and make our daily life easier. With small budget marketing, one must be sure about the target audience. Be clear with who you want to reach as both these platforms are hitting the technology world for a long time. It will help you empower existing marketing in limited budget and will allow you to target the global market.
  2. Hosting Cost:

    Plan your hosting cost as per your budget. As to host an iOS mobile app compared to an android app is quite expensive. One must choose the hosting cost, wisely but not ignore the marketing cost as it helps you generate great revenue. The cost may vary depending on the business model or other significant factors.
  3. Application Type:

    There are fundamentally three types of apps: Native Apps,  Hybrid Apps, Web Apps. Hence the app development cost differs depending on the application type you choose. Android app development and iOS app development, both the options are available depending on client business requirement which impacts the development cost.

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  4. Updates:

    Apps need the update for a consistently.  To keep your app updated and maintained its very significant to maintain the app developer.
  5. Libraries:

    Most of the apps use a third-party library which will get broken unless updated. Hence, timely updates are mandatory.
  6. Security Bugs:

    Once the app is distributed it can be affected by bugs at any point.  Hence, it's essential to update the app in order to fix the bugs.

Keep these things in mind while selecting the operating system for your app on a small  marketing budget as it will help you grow your business and make your market reputation.

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