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8 ways to get your App featured in the App Stores

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8 ways to get your App featured in the App Stores

The process of optimizing mobile apps to achieve a higher rank in app stores search results is known as ASO (App Store Optimization). Appearing in the search results is not enough, ASO even helps them to display in top chart rankings. Being similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites, ASO is also referred to as App Store SEO, Mobile App SEO, and App Search Optimization.

With the increasing demand for mobile applications, several App developers are trying to utilize a variety of innovative technologies. However, deploying these innovations, build apps, in order to grow their business. All of them try to secure a higher ranking in search results, but not everyone gets it. So, the question is why? Today, I am going to present some App Store Optimization tips for higher rankings that you should follow to accomplish proper results.

1. Write a User-Friendly App Description

One of the most important things in informing customers about your app is the description. Therefore, make a user-interactive description by considering below-mentioned things:

  • Utilize bullet points, as well as break up paragraphs.
  • Use social platforms, including user testimonials, press coverage, etc.
  • Make a list of the advantages and use cases.
  • Add the entire information, like bug fixes, modifications made in the new updates, version number, etc.
  • Fix links to support your website.

2. Know What Your Customers Search

The apps are launched so that users can download and use it. Therefore, it is very important to think from a customer perspective. Focus on these questions:

  • What will they probably search for?
  • Will they share it (the app) with family and friends?
  • What are the USPs or benefits of downloading your app?

These questions will help you for a better app presence on app stores. In order to find questions used by the users, you need to conduct consumer research. This research will help you to determine whether the similar keywords are to be targeted or you have to use some other keywords.

3. Highlight Your Best Features

According to research by Storemaven, 60% of customers won’t swipe more than the first two screenshots. Therefore, make those two screenshots count. You can use these tips for better designing:

  • Submit high-resolution screenshots.
  • Use a plain background to give it better readability.
  • Use overlay text to improve messaging.
  • Flaunt the best features of your app specifically, in the first two images.

4. Keep Keywords within 100 Characters

Apple permits you to add the keywords to your App Store listing. It is very crucial to add appropriate keywords that describe your app well. Yes, use the keywords that describe the key functionality of your app. This description helps users to know about your app properly. Moreover, the search algorithm uses these keywords to show your app in the results. It is recommended to use 100 characters for keywords for better outcomes. Keep these things in mind while writing keywords:

  • Do not make use of long tail keywords, plurals, misspellings in the keyword.
  • Separate the keywords with commas.
  • Don’t use spaces in between the keywords.

5. Analyze the Market

A good Android or iOS app development company always focuses on giving a little extra to you. They know that a great ASO strategy includes two parts i.e. understanding of the competition and knowing the customer. For achieving this, you need to follow these few points;

  • The language used by the users.
  • Keywords used by your competitors.
  • Description of the app.
  • Reason to download and use the app.

The overall understanding of the keywords like the less trafficked and the obvious keywords will make your job of optimizing keywords easy.

8 ways to get your App featured in the App Stores2

6. Localize Your App

Only 31% of app profit comes from North America whereas, 41% comes from Asia. In case, you are only doing your app listing in English, then you are locking it from a wide chunk of mobile users worldwide. Therefore, internationalize your apps’ codebase. In order to do so, follow these guidelines and start by changing the:

  • App title
  • Few lines in the description
  • Keywords

As soon as you see a lift in conversion rate, modify other parts, such as:

  • Videos
  • Screenshots
  • Description
  • Reviews
  • Currency and date format.

7. Ask For Reviews

Ratings and reviews play a key role in how an app is anticipated by users, and even by Apple. According to a study, 59% of users tend to download apps with high ratings. But, a vast majority of customers will not give you ratings and a tiny will leave negative feedback if anything is crashed. Apps that get top ratings to follow this procedure to achieve it:

  • Monitor the behavior of the in-app user until they have drawn something valuable from the app.
  • Don’t ask long questions; instead only ask a Yes or NO question to the customers about their views on the app.
  • Provide the numbers to leave internal feedback.

8. Change of Marketing Strategy

For increasing the velocity of download you can:

  • Provide discounts on your premium apps for a restricted period of time.
  • Offer special discounts to online community members, bloggers, listeners of podcasts, etc.

To be Concluded

If you wish to have a successful app with huge visibility and download, you’ve to pay close attention to your ASO tactics. While Google and Apple do not share their precise methodologies for getting a higher rank, there are specific things that will have an impact on your app ranking positively. Considering this, I have shared some basic tips following which you will certainly improve your app ranking.

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