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Android devices originally used four hardware buttons to support the user’s use of the device. These buttons were the Home button, the Menu button, the Search button, and the Back button. The user could press any of these buttons at any time during the use of your app, which would impact the functioning of your app.

Android Q totally built with new features, is likely to start with many beta updates. Now we will see some big changes that are going to happen in the Android version. In addition, discuss each update systematically.

When it is going to launch

This year on March 13, Android Q beta 1 has launched, and it made available in google pixel series.

In addition, Beta 2 released on April 3 and Beta 3 is going to launch in May, and beta 4 expected to launch in June. Entire Android Q3 is going to launch in Beta 5, Beta 6 simultaneously. You can learn each option with the help of Android Online Training Make an Inquiry about this news


Through which name we can call Android Q.

We have so some dessert names that started in Q and came to mind faster.

Queijadas, Quindim, Question, Quiche.

Wi-Fi Sharing with QR codes

With the help of android Q, you can easily share your Wi-Fi details with QR codes. When you select the name of a network, to see more details, about the connection. Here you will see an option for sharing the Wi-Fi details by using QR code. You have to do it with a biometric or pin option. By the following, you can see a QR code on the screen that lets another gadget to connect your own Wi-Fi network.

Dark mode

This update is to offer the system-wide, dark mode. This feature is not mentioned in the beta version. You can get this option that if you have a night mode initiated in Pie before starting the Android Q beta build option. With Android app developemnt course Make an Inquiry about this news we can learn more about this technology.

Good privacy Controls

Privacy is the key area to focus on android Q. Google shows new app permissions that provide you more control on the amount of information that you distribute with the applications. For example, applications now require to state clearly, tracing your locality in background.

The features such as runtime permissions, you have access to the location. When an application is running in a limited amount of information. That is for a particular application that gathers in background. The capacity to lock location access is a welcome modification. It is one of many privacy features that come to the android Q version.

Screen Recording

This is a feature requested for many years. With android Q, we finally designed a new way. You have to go into the developer options to start it. This feature operates within your imagination that provides the ability to record your screen.

The Desktop mode

In Android Q OS, you can switch to desktop mode, when you connect your mobile to an external monitor. You can utilize free from many windows to start and send applications anywhere on the screen. This Interface looks like a measured version of what you have to search on the pixel with a navigation bar, that is at the down and status bar at the upside.

Settings for Offline mode

When there is a situation, that your mobile data suddenly off when you are browsing. With Android Q you can see the floating settings User Interface, that operated by apps. For example, if chrome finds out the mobile network has no data connectivity. It will show settings for Wi-Fi and other options. This feature makes simple, without leaving an application.

The app Information page

The application information page redesigned in the Q version. Now you can see how many notifications in a particular application gets. The page also distributes the data, that consumed by application on both the Wi-Fi and cellular network. In addition, the latest icon to start the application to those uninstall and force stop the application.

Share shorts – share content

Sharing shortcuts will share will let you jump faster into another android application for sharing the content. With the share menu, now loading is made instant. It is the evolution of how the application is there to share the shortcuts that operated in Pie. It makes it much faster and easier for sharing the content.

The notification shade is now smarter

If you have more alerts, it is hard to get notifications on the top of the alerts screen. With Android Q. Google added notification bell, this bell adds a tiny bell icon next to the recent notification. That offers you a smart quick visual Notify. This needs your attention first. This Icon only lasts for 30 seconds, if you get many notifications. It is an easy and simple way to point the most recent one.

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