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Top common mistakes App Developers do

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Top common mistakes App Developers do

Perfect products are difficult to develop since they require a great deal of determination and information of the developer.

So is the mobile application as it also requires high concentration, focus and efforts of a mobile app developer as well. If you just create an idea of developing a mobile app, it is not necessary that your developed mobile app will win the million hearts.

You need to consider several factors and work out on those factors before moving to proceed for mobile app development. A developer needs to have good technical skills with a clear concept of programming for the unique development of the mobile application.

Here at Mobile App Development Dubai will discuss some common mistakes in detail with their solution one by one.

1) Complicated and Irrelevant Features Included

It is one of the major mistakes which app developer usually do. They include those features which are very complicated and not user-friendly.

Due to which users generally uninstall the app within three days of its first installation. For example, if your application has long formed where user needs to fill unnecessary details to register themselves they will find your app un-friendly and immediately go to uninstall it.

Solution: You must ensure to hire dedicated developer who must be very clear about the purpose and concept of your app. Being an app developer you must consider the following points in your mind.

  • It is not necessary that every installer is a tech-savvy
  • Your app should user-friendly. Make it a priority.
  • Smooth Sophistication Touch which leads to other pages
  • Irrelevant details and information should be avoided.

2) Ignoring Target Audience

Mobile App Developer generally forgot to target Audience and develop a mobile app without taking consideration of their audience interest which makes their app successful. They make the mobile app for everyone which is not generally acceptable.

As you cannot make everyone satisfied since different people have different needs and requirement.

Solution: Being an app developer you must define your target audience. You should know why you are making an app for what kind of audience.

For example, if you want to make a matrimonial app you should know that you are targeting the audience who are single. Hence you should try to avoid targeting kids, senior citizens and married ones.

Accordingly, you should include other features. Therefore it is necessary to decide your target audience before including any features in your mobile app.


3) The application developed for several Platforms

We generally find new app developers find difficult to choose the right platform for the development of their mobile app. They generally copy the source code from an iOS app for their app design and function which simply increase their problem and as an app developer, you may be dismissed.

Solution:  You must ensure to hire dedicated developer for unique and efficient designing of your mobile app. For this, you may hire android developer Dubai as they are very much aware of unique features and compatibilities of iOs and Android.

Also, they will not design your mobile app like an iOS app. For better user experience, they do not clone their strategies with iOS and keep their design strategies aligned.

4) Non-Flexible mobile app No Upgrades

In this competitive world, every user will choose to use that mobile app which makes them updated with the outside world information. And new mobile app developer may be due to their no experience develop the app without keeping provision for any upgrades.

Solution: You should never build an app that doesn’t have the flexibility for upgradation. For this, iPhone app developer Dubaiwill help you in developing your application more flexible with upgraded versions


5) Lack of Marketing Prior to Launch

The job of a developer does not end with only developing a mobile app but he has to ensure his product get enough promoted in the market. But the major mistake that generally a developer do is he does not pay attention to promote his product in the market.

Solution: You must have a focus on the marketing of your app before pre-launch of your product. You should advertise it to the target audience.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter and others are good ways to promote your product in the market. Mobile App Development Dubai can help you in advertising your products to other applications with their skilled iPhone app developers Dubai.


6) No Flaws found on testing the app

This is a common serious mistake that generally an app developer made. He is responsible for developing an app so he does according to his skills and knowledge.

His duty not only ends with just developing but he has to ensure that his app is functioning properly. On testing, he found no rectification or modification needs to be done on his app.

Solution:  You must try to find if there are some issues or not in the developed app. An app developer must need to appoint professional tester to check the app functionality and reliability.

In this regard, you may hire android developer Dubai as a professional tester to check any vulnerability of your developed app.


7) Consideration of Web Page Reference

If web page reference is considered to be important for developing of a mobile app then it is a big misconception of the mobile app developer. As it may fail all your efforts to make your app a successful one.

Solution:  You should try to avoid considering web page reference. But put the user interest in the center while developing your mobile app.


After discussing above, we are concluding that these are the seven common mistakes which are being generally done by an app developer. In order to make your app launch successful, you need to take preventive measures rather than rectifying your mistakes later when all efforts for its development had been made.

In summary we could say, implementation of measures like pre-launch marketing of your Android or iOs application, testing app before its introduction to the market, user-friendly features on app, avoid using web references, enough flexibility for upgradation, space for user feedback, fast track loading speed, etc. would help you reducing your mistakes in developing an app but also increases your chance to sell your product in the worldwide market on large scale.

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