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Flutter: Pros and Cons for Mobile App Development

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Flutter: Pros and Cons for Mobile App Development

There are many new technologies are introducing on a regular basis in the world of Mobile App Development. If you are a software developer and always looking for the new tools and technologies to improve your mobile app then you must know about Flutter. Flutter has become a hot topic and with its immense advantages, it will stay in the market for the long run for sure. So whether you decide to use it or not you must aware about what exactly Flutter is? And what are its pros and cons. Before going in depth, let’s begin with the basics.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework for creating high-quality native interfaces on Android and iOS in record time. It is used by the developers and organizations across the world. It is free and open source framework.

Flutter offers developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive and fast mobile applications on both Android and iOS platforms. It is a very new platform that has attracted a lot of attention of many companies worldwide in a short time.

It has become popular because of its simplicity in developing mobile apps as compared to developing web applications.

Developing Platforms of Flutter:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux


Advantages of Flutter—Pros

Flutter has a wide range of advantages for mobile app development. Let’s take a look at the some of them in followings:

1. Access for Native Features

Platform-specific factions such as camera and geo-location need access to native features. Flutter allows reuse of your existing JAVA, Swift, and Objective-C, etc. code to access these native features again and again and App developers can easily access SDKs on iOS and Android.

2. Hot Reload

With an amazing feature Hot Reload, code changes in Flutter are reflected as early as the alternations are created. Generally, Hot Reload does not take more than a few milliseconds to help the developer to maintain high speed and dynamicity for mobile application development.

3. Reduced Efforts of Testing

Flutter apps are cross-platform so the testers do not always need to do similar tests on different platforms like iOS and Android for the same application. Cross-platform app development enables applications to operate on various platforms by writing the programming code only once. This saves the time and efforts of the testing team.

4. Perfect for MVP

Flutter is perfect for developing Minimum Viable Product (MVP) applications due to its rapid development process and cross-platform nature. Many latest undertakings and SMEs are deploying Flutter to enhance development speeds and get the maximum outputs at lower costs.

5. Hassle-free Setup

It is really easy to set up Flutter. It does not need a strong machine but you can start coding on any low end machines. There is no need to worry about operating system won’t be able to handle Flutter.

6. Excellent User Interfaces

Flutter has built-in design-centric widgets, high-end development tools, advanced APIs, scrolling, and navigation features, etc., Flutter aids in the development of stunning and expressive user interfaces.

Flutter: Pros and Cons for Mobile App Development2

Disadvantages of Flutter—Cons

The framework is young and still growing and developing. So it has some flaws. Let’s look at them…

  • Limited Libraries

Undoubtedly, there are many libraries which are helpful as Google supports Flutter. However, the framework is new, not every function is available that you are looking for. With Flutter, app developers would have to develop libraries themselves, which is really time-consuming.

  • Continuous Integration

Since Flutter is comparatively new, it requires continuous integration and support through maintenance of scripts, as CI platforms like Travis and Jenkins don’t support Flutter on a large scale.

  • Limited TV Support

If you are wondering that if apps develop with the help of this framework can run on Android TV or Apple TV, then the answer is no. Flutter provides practically no support for Android TV and Apple TV.

  • Mobile Only

Flutter serves to mobile applications only and is not supported by web browsers. When you select the tool and technology stack you want to work with then this limitation can influence your decision. If you want maximum device flexibility, then Flutter may not be the right thing you are looking for.

Top 8 Most Popular Apps Made in Flutter

  • Google Ads (Utility App)
  • Alibaba (E-Commerce App)
  • Reflect (Lifestyle App)
  • Birch Finance (Finance App)
  • Hamilton Musical (Entertainment App)
  • Coach Yourself (Health and Fitness App)
  • Hookle (Social Media App)
  • SG BusTracker (Maps and Navigation App)

Let’s Wrap It Up

Flutter is indeed an excellent gift of technology to every startup or business that relies on the user-friendly and effective software development kit. If you want to build brilliant apps based on Flutter that boosts your business, then I must recommend you to get in touch with a reliable mobile app development company.

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