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Planning to Develop a React Native Cross-platform App? Look at its Pros and Cons before Getting Started!

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Developing a cross-platform app using React native is what every company is doing these days. React Native is becoming popular day-by-day because of its ease and simplicity of developing apps. With this revolutionary technology, one can easily develop apps for both Android and iOS. It is an open-source framework that lets you develop native applications using javascript language.

If you want to make the most out of this technology hire Remote React Native team that is not only cost-effective but is apt for developing effective applications. It has several pros and cons that everyone should know who is planning to develop an app using React Native. Let’s discuss in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of what react native has to offer to us!


Known for Optimal PerformanceWhen it comes to using React Native, it proves to be a real asset because of its native control and modules. It easily gets connected to the native components of both the OS be it Android or iOS and generates a code freely. It enhances the performance of the app as it makes use of a different thread altogether from UI and the native APIs.

Reusable Codes

The best thing that comes with React Native is its code reusability. It is an advantage for the developers as they do not have to develop separate mobile app code for different platforms as 90% of the code can be reused for both the OS. Therefore, not only the developers get its benefit by saving their time and effort but companies are also benefited as they get their app developed in cost-effective pricing models. 

Offers Simple User-Interface

React Native offers a simplified UI because of its open-source nature. React Native offers more responsive UI designs that reduce the loading time of the app and pages. Therefore, using React Native for developing unique UI may not sound cool, but developing an app with an interface that is easily accessible with every device is extremely easy. 


React Native is New and Immature

React Native is still new compared to other technologies. It still needs a lot of improvements and might have a negative impact on apps if not handled carefully. It lacks consistency in regards to the latest updates. Sometimes, react native components fail in comparison to native components. 

Learning the Tech is Tough 

If you’re a fresher and planning to develop an app using React native, unfortunately, it’s not a good choice. The reason behind that is it has a JSX in the javascript syntax extension that combines Javascript with HTML element.

Lacks the Security Robustness

Being a Javascript library and an open-source framework, it lacks security robustness. We know that React Native is a JavaScript library and open-source framework, which creates a gap in the security robustness. In case you are developing a financial or banking app that needs to b highly secure and confidential, React Native is not a good choice. 

Summing Up

Although it depends on your and your business requirements how much you consider its pros and cons of the technology. It is advisable to hire remote React Native developers as they are experienced and can easily overcome the cons of the React Native in order to design an app that best fits your business needs.

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