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How to smartly choose Mobile App Development Platforms

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How to smartly choose Mobile App Development Platforms

On average, a human spends more than 10 hours a day on their phone. Hence, industries are now adopting the overall concept of a mobile application development company.

Industries are now adopting the overall concept of a mobile application development company. This has come up as a great advancement for the companies giving them the opportunity to grow and thrive.

However, having a well-known success in terms is not at all easy. There are different operating system and multiple factors that work on such modifications.

It helps them to work upon major advancement and make a mark. These are just a small factor that one must keep in mind.

Apart from this, the operating system works on gloves to achieve success.

Android and iOS

In the present time, there are two operating systems that is famous for mobile development. Companies depend on them for the processing and are working towards it to achieve success.

There are Microsoft, RIM, Symbian, etc. as well but Android and iOS have a huge impact on the market.

They are simply expanding with time and have grown a lot. This gives a huge idea of how things are going to flow around and what are the major implications of companies with an operating system.

The fact is that companies are now embracing the overall concept of mobile applications and working towards it to get the best possible solution. Companies opt to hire app developer due to its stable market flow.

This has become a great way to work on several things that help in opting it with outgrew of different factors. However, in 2013, Android was far above iOS and it managed to increase the sales for companies.


Chose the right platform

Now, when it comes to select from Android or iPhone app development company, it is essential to know which platform is best for them. There are so many things that will help in determining the right platform for business.


The most essential thing to do while selecting a platform for a business is the location in which the product will be launched. There are different places where iOS holds a much better audience than Android and vice versa.

Hence, an updated idea about it can help a lot for the users and mobile application development companies. Australia, United States, Western Europe, Japan, and Canada are famous for the iOS market.

Apple has a significant amount of audience in these locations. Whereas Android is ruling Russia, Middle East, Chine India, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe and so on.

There are several other countries that opt for both the operating system and has almost equal market reach. This will give an opportunity to the company to get an idea on the market that they have to deal in and how to work on these markets.


AngularJS came into action in 2009, having criteria to solve issues for single-page web applications. It has compatibility to work with other libraries having more extensible features.

Here are some great characteristics of AngularJS:

  • Automated data sync between modules and other components.
  • Quicker app testing with easier development.
  • HTML-based templates with assistance for model-view system analysis.
  • Ease of access to modular development tools

Moreover, its support community has grown immensely in recent years. And this is another reason for its popularity among developers.

The platform on which development is done is also essential. For the website application, the mobile application development company opt for AngularJS that have a certain number of features to it.

NodeJS and AngularJS

Both AngularJS and NodeJS are popular web development technologies. They both are being used from the past couple of years.

On the basis of JavaScript, both these technologies are gaining strength and becoming a popular choice among developers. Companies are trying to incorporate it with a web app as well.

They are opting to hire app developer that understands these platforms. Both these integrations of JavaScript have their own significance.

However, one can easily distinguish their accessibility, data security, optimization, and extensibility on the basis of their features. Depending on your web development projects, you can make a better decision for secure and flexible operations.


Yes, the clouding is popular when it comes to iPhone app development company. The companies are now focused on it due to the advancement of data science and databases.

It gives a stable and clear mode of data that helps them to work with. Cloud services have been a buzz of the town for so many years.

It was predicted that by 2021, the total whopping contribution of cloud will be of $554 billion. Even in 2019, there has been an increase of cloud use.

It has become more advanced and companies are migrating their operation from traditional architecture development to cloud. There is no doubt that the IT industry has embraced cloud-native software architecture development.

There is no doubt that Android app development company is one of the best ways to work upon agility and efficiency. It has managed to bring a paradigm shift in the way we work with the help of migration to the updates system.

However, it is a choice that one has and not an option. But it surely allows working on customer complaint without focusing on the virtual server’s management.

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