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I’m wondering that who is not having an Android phone or any smartphone presently? Not found a single one! Accessing more than one smartphones by individuals that seems nowadays, but not to have a single phone owned by one person is tough to believe. Imagine how smartphones affect in people life!

Android OS is the one which has swiftly developed its OS updates since arrived in the market. Android application development is the most in trade cause of its fabulous innovations like in UI.

Since the first version of Android to the latest one Pie and Q is in the queue for users but has officially announced at developers end, only for improving functionalities to give a marvelous user experience to the end-users.

  Developers must keep updating themselves to deal with fresh features  

The latest OS version of Android Pie 9th and very exclusive with additional features and functionalities.

Both Users and Developers have to be smarter than before. The smart Android application developrs required for smart Android apps.

UI of Android OS has dropped crisp impressions on human minds.

Android OS is the leading & high-speed emerging technology continuously upgrading versions for better user experience. Back to back, an Android OS has increased its functionality in terms of security, multimedia, animations, shortcuts and a lot more.

There is a uniqueness in Android versions name that are; It’s like Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie and now Q the different version with wondrous names taken from popular confectionery items.

Considering Android application development onsite, which has a vast difference in the beginning version, and in latest one. Let’s go back and see how was old versions of Android like in 1.0 version the contacts can emerge with Gmail application, notifications in the status bar along with separate ringtones, LED or vibration alerts, camera support but problems in changing camera resolution, number of apps in one folder on Homescreen.

Then after, Android versions expanded functionalities like animated screen transitions, videos to upload on Youtube in Cupcake Android version 1.5. As well as in Donut 1.6 version Gallery, camera fully integrated with faster camera access and expanded gesture framework and gesture builder development tool for developers.

Later on, smartphones internal hardware functionalities extended one level up, and the turning point came up with the new Android version, which unveiled with Kitkat Make an Inquiry about this news 4.4, andLollypop 5.0 version. Having these distinct versions like Lollypop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0 revealed a bundle of remarkable features like, a material design which is a responsive designing language to improve User Interface.

Application performance improved due to Android Runtime, a new runtime environment introduced. ART is a cross-platform supports the x86, ARM and MIPS in both architectures 32-bit, and 64-bit environments.

Let’s have a cup of coffee because the journey goes on with advanced features in further Android versions.

From “Android M” Marshmallow onwards advanced features launched to raise the user experience in an extraordinary way like a native fingerprint reader support, experimental multiwindow feature (uses split functionality) simultaneously two tasks run together, apps permissions now allowed individually at run-time, double tap power button to open the camera. Nougat 7.1 Android’s most promising advanced features included in it like, Multi-endpoint call support, fingerprint sensor gesture to open/close notification shade and lot more.

Oreo Make an Inquiry about this news 8.1 and Pie 9 the latest and higher Android operation systems that reached at leading trading in the market nowadays.

Oreo 8.1 includes a picture in picture support, adaptive icons, notification improvements, automatic light-dark themes. Pie 9 has excellent features including a screenshot button added to the power button, a new user interface for the quick settings menu, auto brightness feature modifies screen brightness based on user habits, “adaptive battery” prediction, Battery percentage now shown in Always-On Display.

Finally, Q is the next version, and users expecting to use soon. Highly advanced features introduced and unusual benefits going to seem.

Biometric authentication in apps, a native MIDI API allows interaction with music controllers and a lot more.

Android is an endless subject to discuss continuously, but it has a marvelous impact on business people. Businesses are so expanding and raising their boundaries with the use of the advanced feature of the Android version.

For example, location-based Android application development like taxi booking app – Uber, Hotel booking app, restaurant online food ordering app. Mostly, businesses use android apps for developing an online appearance and want to set a bookmark.   

However, the Android OS started delivering new versions of Android systems, as part of the utilization, businesses have demanded to interact it with wearables like a smartwatch, Beacons, and lot more product to connect and communicate for smart interactions.

For the developers, Android has invented Kotlin a language itself to resize the code structure of android application development. Kotlin an open-source, programming language that supports both object-oriented and functional programming which reduces the developers’ workload.

Kotlin Make an Inquiry about this news is also supporting for Cross-platform application development. Kotlin is useful for backend development, and the developers have found enough benefits using it.

Actually, Kotlin is the hot language in the trend nowadays. React Native is the most in demand for cross-platform app development, and the React Native developers are developing apps with the best supportive OS like Android.

Android is a user-centric OS and it allows you to develop customized application as per user requirements.

Sum up,

Android is highly resisting to iOS in terms of performance, affordability, speed, and entire functionalities. There is no doubt to have Android super duper market over other operating systems.

The Android application developmenthas the highest scenario, and new hope is in the queue if you have heard about Fuchsia OS, which is in the development process now.

Android apps reaching out to the people for fulfilling their material wants using commercial apps and related apps. Android operating system and its version always amaze people and allow the developers to make an application as they want to design and develop.

An open-source operating system can be secure, affordable, and speed of performance possible like Android have. With lots of innovations in Android app development will excite us.

iMOBDEV awaits and wants to have a word from you about your requirements for android app development.

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