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Tips to choose correct technology stack for Web App Development

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Today, For small business and also the start-up web development companies choosing the right tech stack is all the more challenging.

If you are a CTO, CEO or any other kind of stakeholder who is struggling to know about how to build the best software product and get the best Technology working behind the screen, this is a very informative article for you. You should research well and decide carefully about the correct technology stack for designing your website application. There are many important things you have to consider in order to design a top-notch web application.

Tips to choose correct technology stack for Web App Development

For small business and also the start-up web development companies choosing the right tech stack is all the more challenging.

These companies work under a tight budget and therefore they have to find the best stack technology which provides them a fruitful result. The client will just look into whether the application performs rightly and it is the headache of the hire PHP developer to look into the technology. Make sure you hire right PHP developer based on the type of web application you need to select the technology.

There are some tips which are listed below on how you will be able to choose the right technology stack for web development. You will be able to understand that a web application is in the need for continuous maintenance and support. Updating an application and also changing the development service provider will become easier if you have a knowledge about which technology stack is being used. 

1: Avoid making rash decisions

The custom software development company should choose a technology stack based on the performance of an application in the previous project. It does not matter on how a particular technology stack helped in the working of the previous application. Every application is different and has different needs.

2: Online research is not enough

Do not choose your technology stack just based on the research which you do not. You will find numerous research, surveys, and comparisons on the net. But that is not enough. They are not based on strong proofs. Practical experience is very essential while choosing a stack for web development. Web development company should understand that only theoretical knowledge is not enough.

3: Cost for development

Developing web applications needs a lot of investment. The kind of software tools you use will determine the cost of developing a web application. The custom software development company should note that advanced technology stack will require more cost and this is where the problem lies. The two main things which you need to keep in mind are:

Salary: the web developer’s salary must be considered. The technology they work with determines their salaries. The developer’s salary will increase if they use more advanced technology.

4: Maintenance cost of the app

Maintaining a web application is an important task. Opting for free open source technologies is a good option which one must definitely consider.

5: Scalability

There is a number of opinions which people give when it comes to scalability. The deployment may be delayed considerably when you want to scale a product in order to make it nearly perfect and fit a number of major specifications to it. Sometimes it may also lead to the development of similar products which is already introduced in the market and in cases it might not have any place in the market.

You will surely want your web application to gain much popularity in the market. Two kinds of scalability must be noted:

Horizontal scalability: here the web application is easily able to accept the number of requests. Growth n the number of people using the application makes the app more useful.

Vertical scalability: when you are easily able to keep adding new components and parts without the need to destroy the exiting performance.

Therefore always be careful and look into it and consider which technology stack provides you with the right scalability.

6: Security

In order to develop a successful web application, it is very important to consider its security requirements. Online businesses are majorly threatened by a large number of cyber attacks regularly which leads to huge losses. Framing security policies is a primary activity which should be performed at the earliest. Always pick technologies which will enable you to develop a very secure application.

7: Migration needs

You should always develop your web application considering how fit it will be for your future needs. These are important things which one should think about before choosing the right stack technology.

Try using open source technologies- You will surely benefit a lot from open source technologies. You will be able to save much time and be able to rely on such technology and it will also require less hassle to develop a product from scratch.

8: Time to market

This is one of the most important tips which must be considered. The less time needed to market the cheaper becomes the cost of development. The kind of technology stack you choose determines the ITM of a web application. The issues which need to be looked into are solutions which are different and which will add some value to your web application. Always keep in mind to choose stack technology which will enable you to integrate with the third party solutions. In such cases, you do not have to reinvent the wheel.


Also, make sure that you hire full stack developer that is available is at par with the stack technology you use. Much coding is required therefore choose the technology which the hired full stack developer can keep maintaining after their launch.

These are important tips in order to choose the correct technology stack for web development.

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