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Integrate Customer Experience (CX) vs. User Experience (UX) In your business strategy

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Integrate Customer Experience (CX) vs. User Experience (UX) In your business strategy

The customer experience (CX) vs. user experience (UX) somehow sounds like similar right? But the meaning of both the terms is quite different. The concept not just focuses on mobile application development but also on the back of it. Many companies avoid this strategy but it is a prominent part of the process and most of the top-rated mobile development companies follow this rule.

Before going ahead let us differentiate between these two terms

User Experience (UX)

As the name suggests UX mainly deals with the group of people connected with your product and what they experience after using your product. User Experience is measured by keeping various parameters in mind like success rate, abandonment rate, error rate, time to finish the task, and much more on the list.

Customer Experience (CX)

On the other hand, CX encompasses all the connections a person has with your brand. This experience can be measured by keeping various parameters in mind like the probability to continue use, chances to recommend this to others and overall experience.

In real meaning, UX is a fraction of CX, but Customer experience contains or encompasses some aspects outside of a product that user experience does not.

Importance of Good UX and Good CX

Till now, everything seems simple. Right? Now the main concern how these two aspects are important for the market strategy of a business. As far now you will no doubt have confused by this point, UX is a Part of CX.  Yes, User experience is the experience that your product provides to your customers; whereas customer experience is the experience those users have with your brand as a total.

To get things right it is important to understand every aspect in the right manner. Customer experience is the thing that helps a brand to differentiate from others, and at the same time, user experience – whether good or bad is a tremendously significant part of the overall CX.

 Understand the notable difference between CX and UX

As we all know the User experience is a new concept in the market and if you want to make your business prosper then it’s vital to introduce this new concept in the business. User experience is an idea that is primarily used in creative departments to being considered by the marketing leaders.  As discussed above, UX is the practice that a user has while interacting with a particular service or a particular product. The User experience term is also applicable to websites it is the only part that drives the design and development decisions made by inventive teams to choose features and functionalities of the application or website that users feel are best and bring forth a reply for the same.

On the contrary Customer experience is a broader part that includes any experience or viewpoint or an interaction customer has with a company. This entire defines CX. The main part that determines CX is the interaction of customer experiences in his or her overall customer journey from the start.

 Often, to understand both terms in a better way it is important for marketing leaders to take a holistic approach towards understanding CX for their organizations. By getting familiar with each customer interaction through all phases of the journey that leads them to a purchase decision, automatically help marketing leaders to establish certain metrics to compute the efficiency of their customer experience and build up a strategy to improve the overall process. With updated and analytics, a mobile app development company can easily keep a constant measure of the accomplishment of its CX policy.

How to incorporate Customer Experience and User Experience into Your business?

Hopefully, for now, we are clear about the difference between UX and CX. Knowing the differences between these two terms help marketing leaders to incorporate both disciplines into their business.

Now you can start integrating User experience and Customer experience into your business market plan by doing the below mentioned things:

  • Include UX and CX in your business plan discussions
  • Identify both quantitative and qualitative factors.
  • Start tracking things to support both CX and UX
  • Use standard policies to determine the success of your plan
  • To improve the efficiency of CX and UX- Test, test, and test


How to improve your customer experience using user experience?

This is the main question that comes in mind when you hear these two terms. To improve the overall business strategy you can incorporate various features in your mobile application that will enhance the User Experience. Because you cannot meet face-to-face with their customers, the only way to boost up their experience is by offering the right things. But connecting with a reliable mobile application developmentcompany makes help you to make all these things easier for customers. The possibilities of this marketplace are not restricted to one thing and if you still haven't done something to use them, it's the peak time for you.

Few key points to improve customer experience using user experience:

  • Do a systematic Testing before the launch of the product
  • Make Feedback Process easy for the customer
  • Create a cross channel experience
  • Involve multiple teams in your plan

How improved UX and CX improve the ROI of your business?

  • Strengthens brand loyalty
  • Saves time
  • Improves customer reliability
  • Provides complete customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • Reduction in inventory

 Final thoughts

Although the above-listed points are some differences between CX and UX and how these two things together as technology become more important in our everyday lives. At the end of the day, what matters is how you are going to provide a great experience for any interaction with your brand or product. A single mistake in either of the parts leads to a bad customer experience that can affect negatively on your business. Think about the customer before stepping ahead.

Hopefully, the whole agenda is clear to you! If you are also concerned about the same, then it is the right time to apply the information in your business application, Fluperis one of the leading names when it comes to mobile app development services. Let our experts help you!

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