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Major differences between Android and IOS app Development

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Here are just general differences between the Android and the IOS app development, which must be known by a business owner and stakeholder.


Due to the introduction of mobile phone technology and its increasing use and benefits, popularity among the end users and the enormous amount of business occurring, the development of an application hence became a regular task for the companies. There have been millions of people using various smartphones and the number is increasing every single day, which throwing impact over the mobile application development company and their efforts.

The number and amount of people using smartphones would be crossing a billion marks quite soon and for the business owners, it is necessary to understand the difference between iOS and Android app development.

Major differences between Android and IOS app Development

Here we will go through the difference between these two.

1. The Language needs to be developed

For Android app development, Java is the basis for all coding task. The Android platform is supported by Java.

Whereas iOS app development company uses the swift language which is based upon Objective C. The Swift code is much smoother compared to Java.

To make development easier and give a better alternative for Java, Google supported Kotlin for development. Now Kotlin is used as the major language for Android app development.

With IOS commanding a massive growth in terms of monetization business and professional, IOS app development companies are taking a lead and defining a clear outline of various app designs, wireframes, functional documents, etc. Android also working forward in a similar direction.

2. Development tools

The environment, which has been used for android development, was supported by the long used development platform, Eclipse. With the launch of the android studio which has been created by Google the support for this eclipse soon ended and hence the developers who want to build Android apps are using the android studio., whereas for IOS apps X code is used.

Further, there are many development platforms used by mobile application Development Company, which allows developing, launching and testing Android apps.

3. Development costs

Therefore, the best part of mobile development is that one can start free but the problem happens when one has to upload his creation in the market. For IOS apps one needs to pay almost a hundred dollars per year with higher prices for enterprise whereas Google plays store charges just a one-time fee of 25$.

The cost to hire android app developers also comes out cheaper than the iPhone app developers.

4. App store acceptance

Launching the iOS app over the app store usually takes longer than the Android play store.

The reason might be that there is a very complex method of personal verifications from the Apple experts but on the other hand, Google lets the developers handle some of the errors and multiple versions of the same app could be submitted throughout the day. This makes Android app the favorable choice of business owners and a reason to stay away from iOS app Development Company.

5. Monetization strategies

In the case of generating an income with one’s work, one has to be quite careful with the platform while IOS customers can reject the ads inside the app; Android users might manage to ignore them if their focus is over monetizing. The only way possible is to put in relevant products for your target audience to convince them of your market strategies.

For IOS one can go with paid or free apps.

There have been various mobile application development companies that have been creating mobile apps for various customer-centric startups, businesses, entrepreneurship but the key is to make the app for users with the strategy of earning. In the case of hiring, iPhone app developers one has to keep in mind about certain criteria like diligent personnel, agile methodology, productive strategies, error-free apps, hands-on experience, and effective tacticians.

6. The Complexity of Development

So the differences between the IOS and Android in coding languages when compared with the OS fragmentation is that Apple has quite a number of devices which are limited that runs on IOS whereas a wide range of devices, that are powered by Android. Therefore, it is much complex to create an app for the devices powered by Android, because of varied operating systems in comparison to the devices using IOS.

This might also be the reason why there is a great demand to hire android app developer.

7. Speed of development

The Android-based platform creation is more time-consuming in comparison to the IOS. It takes almost 30 to 40 percent longer for the engineers to build an android powered mobile app than IOS.

Both platforms have their different customer base and therefore both contain different values for business and their success. An iPhone app demands great expertise, and therefore if you looking to hire iPhone developer, you must consult with a renowned IT consultant.

8. Market Share

All handheld devices and smartphones, PDAs, and tablets run over a specific platform. Every moment, the platforms are increasing their potential and gaining more momentum for advanced functions.

Apple backed IOS and Google-backed Android are the most used operating systems in the technological industry, where more than 80 percent of Smartphone users make use of the Android operating system. Moreover, the major part of the rest is using iPhone and iOS-based devices.

9. The difference in distribution platforms

Android app developers think that Google play store is more flexible because users can download apps within a few hours, whereas on the Apple app store it possible to download fresh versions of a product in several weeks. Getting feedback from users, you can update an application every two hours, while IOS users have a longer wait.

From a business owner perspective, Android gives larger access to the wide range of customers and offers the ease, while iOS gives a limited market share but the increased revenue and a different class of users in terms of choice.


There is always a need for these platforms to have competent android app developers or for companies to hire iPhone developers. When we select a platform for the mobile app there are some aspects one should pay attention to and through this article, the various outlines have been projected.

The main part is to analyze the various components that mainly distinguish between the two stages and is important to keep in mind when such an application is brought in mind for one’s business.

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