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How to make a million dollar through a Mobile App?

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If you want to make quick cash, Challvia is one the excellent app that gives you fair deals. This trivia game app is all about fun and quiz. Even if you own a business, this can become your marketing platform to reach thousands of users directly.


Who doesn't want to make money? In this competitive era making money is quite a tedious task. But if we say that you can make money while enjoying your time, who would skip this kind of opportunity.

So today we are going to give you one such idea that will make your life easy and entertaining while filling your pockets.

We are introducing the new market sensation trivia quiz game app "Challvia," which is super fun to play and a platform to earn money while testing your knowledge.

This new trivia quiz game has gained great fame in the market due to its amazing design and user-friendly UI. Challvia is an interactive trivia quiz game across America in which people join the quiz for the chance to win daily cash prizes.

Apart from this, you can play at any time for free, which makes it an irresistible game. The main objective of this game is to have the highest score before the 24-hour clock ends.

It offers you 9 lives initially in the charge level, which also contains questions, but these 9 lives are your initial bonus to enter the competitive quiz round. If you lose your lives while playing the game, you still have the chance to redeem yourself.

You can play again, earn the lives, and can have the highest score. The best part is that you can play as many times you want to within 24 hours.

After 24 hours the player who has the highest score wins the quiz and the money. The money you win is instantly get transferred to your PayPal account through the app.

So that was the overview of the game, now let's dive into the details of how you can make millions through this game. The trivia quiz game is not only a blessing for the users, but it is also a boon for market vendors.

Are you Surprised!

It's true. If you are a user, you can earn grand prize money by winning the app and also can grab the super offers of great brands while playing the game. In case you are a vendor, then this platform can be super beneficial for your brand as you can reach thousands of audience here.

It is also a marketing platform where you can launch your ads and offers, which will increase the revenue of your business. Your ads will not interrupt the user's game, and the interested user can grab the desired offer.

Let's jump into the level information which will make you the winner in this enthralling game. First, you play the 'Charge' level which is a chance to earn points that can be used in the next level which makes you answer the typical questions quickly by eliminating a few options or by giving you the correct answer.

In this level, you also get 9 default lives, which are very essential for your next level.  

The next decisive level is named as " Streak" in which you get questions along with the options. This round is subdivided into three levels as per the complexity Easy Level, Medium Level, and Hard level.

In which the points per question you get varies as per the level you pick. For each correct answer, you get points, and for each wrong answer, your life gets consumed.

So now it's clear how you can earn maximum points by answering questions correctly to earn the huge prize money. It's a simple and pretty fun game, besides it allows you to make money.

There's no restriction on the prize money in this game you can earn as much as you can.

What are you waiting for! Join this fun trivia game and earn money right from your couch.

About Challvia

This Fun trivia quiz game is designed and developed by Auxano Global Services, a leading game app development company that help patrons in shaping their ideas. This game has experienced an enormous growth rate since its launch and is available on both the significant platforms Play Store and App Store.

Challvia allows you to make money by testing your knowledge.  

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