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Apple Card vs Apple Pay vs Apple Cash: Comparison guide

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Apple after attaining enormous success with Apple Pay is coming up with an Apple Card. The hype for this new addition has started and a lot of people are looking forward to it. This is more like a digital credit card that Apple gives you.

The Apple Card is not going to replace the existing Apple Pay or Apple Cash. Then how will Apple Card help you in paying bills and other transactions? This article is a complete comparison guide about these transaction methods through the iOS app development services.


The features and uses of Apple Card are out now. Apple is all set to introduce the new card this summer.

This will also be an attractive feature in the upcoming version of the iOS device. Apple has announced to release a physical card too along with the digital version. This is definitely one of the best features of this year.

Apple Cash

Apple Cash is a simple way of sending and receiving money. This is a peer-to-peer platform that supports all the debit cards. One can add money to this using a debit card, whereas credit cards are not accepted. You can also request money from a friend or accept requests from others to transfer money. The iMessages is used to send or receive money requests. You can quickly send money to a person without any problem. It is simple and is a built-in option in Apple Pay.

Apple Cash has an exclusive wallet which you can top-up anytime you want. It is possible to use your wallet on all iOS devices. You also need to activate the iCloud in every device to send and receive money requests. For security reasons, you have to confirm the request using your device password, face ID or fingerprint. Also, one has to be above 18 and should belong to the US to use Apple Cash.

Apple Cash is just like a digital debit card and can be used to make payments anywhere. You can always transfer the Apple Cash wallet balance to your bank account after you receive it from someone. If you have an account that is linked to Apple Pay, then you can directly transfer it there.

Although credit cards cannot be used with Apple Cash, you can make use of the new Apple Card. This card works with Apple Cash to send or receive money instantly.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay has now started to support credit cards while it was restricted only to debit cards. This is a recent improvement after the news of the Apple Card started coming out. Apple Pay is just not a payment method for iOS devices but it is a system that regulates payment. The iOS app development company has started this to reduce the use of paper money and physical cards. This is more like other payment applications designed by the mobile app development companyto support iPhone users.

As a user, you can register on this platform using your personal details. You will also have to give the details about your credit or debit card. Once you link your card, you can use it anywhere either for online or offline payments. Instead of using the card every time, you can simply use your phone to pay bills. The Apple Cash is also inclusive in this which is a digital wallet. It can be used only when you top-up cash in Apple Cash. Otherwise, you can set up Apple Pay to make your life simple.

The iOS development services come with complete authentication options. When you use Apple Pay, you will have to use your phone password, recognized fingerprint or the registered face ID to confirm payments. Most of the stores have NFC (Near Field Communication) spots to enable online payments directly. You can make use of these terminals to complete payment after the NFC confirms your identity. The entire payment will be done in just a few minutes. This is highly preferred as your bank passcode need not be entered anywhere. This also saves you a lot of time.

Now you can also use the Apple Card as the registered credit card along with your original card. Apple Card makes things easier as you can connect to Apple Cash. So, you can use this card to send money to a friend in case of an emergency.

Apple Card

What if you visit a store that doesn't have an NFC spot or does not accept payments via Apple Pay? That is when you will need this new credit card from Apple. You will get an actual card with your name on it. This acts like your regular credit or debit card that is given by the bank. Apple's cards are powered by Goldman Sachs and MasterCard. The best part is that this can also be used as a digital card.

All you need to do is use the card instead of your bank card on Apple Pay. There is no need to wait for registration, authentication of your personal details. This is even more secure than the previous method as your personal bank details are not shared anywhere. It is also a convenient way of handling everyday transactions. You get to earn Daily cash backs and interest rates too.

As this is a credit card you need to look after the late payments. This because Apple increases the interest rates for the amount you need to pay. However, Apple will not cost you extra money in case you exceed the limit of using your credit card. So, all you need to do is to repay the amount spent within the specified time. You can always check the interest rate and the amount to be paid within the app. The minimum interest rate is 3% per month.

These mobile application development services are made to make our lives more convenient and simple. The Apple Card is no exception. Also, you can still continue to use iOS app development services like Apple Pay and Apple Cash.

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