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How to optimize your Google play store page?

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How to optimize your Google play store page?

If you are going to launch your Android app on Google Play Store then you must be worried about choosing the right set of app keywords. Well yes, App store optimization plays a crucial role in marketing your app in the mobile marketplace. There must be several questions that are running in your mind and maybe, you need some help. With this play store optimization guide, you will surely get answers to all your questions shortly.

If you are a business person, then certainly you want to reach your app to masses, but before getting started you should be aware of the process of optimization. App store optimization (ASO) is a marketing strategy to maximize visibility, improve rankings, drive organic traffic and boost conversion rates.

When your mobile app ranks in the top search results of an app store, it will surely be more noticeable to possible customers.  In this manner, they tend to convert more traffic to the page of your application in the store.

This technique is a hidden key to gaining the attention of the customers in the hectic market. Using the search function in Google Play is why ASO is so significant and at the same time crucial for locating mobile apps.

Let’s start with how optimization is important for Google apps!

Benefits of App store optimization

  • Improves ranking in App Stores
  • Builds Credibility of the product
  • ASO boost up the search results as well as the instantaneous comprehension in the app store lists.
  • Increases retention rate
  • Increases number of downloads
  • Boosts up the search discovery and increase the overall sales
  • It improves the overall product value in the marketplace

Now let get started with the steps!

Steps to optimize App in the Google play store

  • Add App title
  • Short Description
  • Use app keywords in the long description
  • Highlight the new features along with seller name
  • App Reviews and Ratings
  • App Type and Category
  • Add screenshots
  • Add featured graphics
  • Promo videos
  • URL


Now understand these steps one by one-

 Add App title

This step is crucial together with your app icon; the title of the app is the most visible element in the Google Play search results. So choose your app name in a way that is unique and describes what your app can do.

To make your app more visible in results, translate and focus on your app title for each targeted language.

The App Title Character limit in the Google app store is 50 characters.

Short Description           

For optimization of the app in the play, store writes a compelling short description of your application. The short description is a brief synopsis of your mobile app.

This is the description that users see before they click on the “Read More” link.  Try to incorporate authentic keywords in your description.

The primary objective of using keywords is to entice users to download your app. The short description is the main part that occupies the main position on the app listing process.

The Short Description Character limit in the Google app store is 80 characters.

Use app keywords in the long description

This description plays a major role in app visibility in the search engine results. In the Google Play store, you can use keywords in the long description part. Try to use primary keywords along with their synonyms to make the description more effective. Try to include emojis to highlight the benefits of your app like what your app does, its key features and how it is helpful.

Make the first lines of description eye-catchy as that appear on search options before the ‘more’ button.

The long Description Character limit in the Google app store is 400 characters.

 Highlight the new features along with seller name

It is good to highlight the top features of your application. When you update your app in Google play store and release a new version then add the section “What’s new” to communicate the changes to the target audience.

The “What’s new” is only visible to the people who are already using the application. Therefore, this section will not play any major role in conversion rate but surely help you to maintain existing users.

You can also add your brand name as your seller or developer name that can up to some extent increase your conversion rate.

App Reviews and Ratings

Good Reviews and Ratings are the primary concern of the user while downloading an app. Both good and bad reviews do have a very significant impact on app rankings in Google Play.

Having positive reviews will also your app to make a unique place in the market from other apps and encourage others to download.

App Type and Category

Last but not the thing that you need to end in your app store optimization is to choose the right category for your app (fashion or game or health application) and a category for your app. To know about the complete list of categories, check out Google’s play store list.

To make the process easier to use tools to find the right category for your application.

Add screenshots

In Google Play as we know that while downloading an app the screenshots do not appear in the search results. They screenshots also occupy a less well-known mark on the app listing in the App Store. 

But the main reason for adding screenshots to optimize your app is to let people know what your app is all about. The screenshots help you to communicate your app’s user experience efficiently.

Add a title on the top of each screenshot so that people can understand the app more easily.

Add featured graphics

The featured image in the Google play store plays an important role as it appears at the top of the app listing. Always create a featured image just similar to your promo video as when a user clicks on the promo video, the featured image will get automatically replaced by vide. Try to create an image that is straight away recognizable by existing users of your app or brand.

 It is good to test your featured graphics

Promo videos

If an image helps you to express a thousand words, then a video help in expressing a thousand images! In the Google Play Store to optimize your app, you can add a YouTube promo video to improve your app identity. In this part, discuss your main features and benefits and encourage users to download your app.

Keep the length of the videos in between 30-40 seconds.


The URL package is another significant element that plays an important role in bringing up the ranking of your app in the Google app store.  This can help in bringing up the direct boost in the Play Store ranking number.

You can even include your app keyword in the URL as well to boost the chances of its visibility. Before moving ahead keep in mind to cross-check the Play Store URL package guideline before you publish your app.

Wrap up section

 In this highly competitive mobile marketing world, it is important to use App store optimization tips and knowledge to improve your app position in the Google store. These steps mentioned above help you to maintain a top rank in the Google Play Store and booming social networking sites.

If you have any tips for the same then I would like to hear from you in the comment section. Fluperis a leading mobile application development company provides you with high-quality applications that follow all the Google play store algorithms so that your business flourishes in the right direction.

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