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Why Flutter is the future of mobile app development?

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“Flutter is Google's portable UI toolkit that helps mobile app developers and designers build modern apps for Android and iOS” From the day when version 1.0 of the Flutter framework has been released in the marketplace, it has been one of the hottest topics in the mobile application development industry. For now, this framework is relatively fresh, yet a trend for developing an outstanding mobile application. This is why today here I am going to discuss the future of Flutter mobile app development but before jumping to that part, let’s know more about this framework.


Nowadays, Android and iOS are the main mobile app development platforms used for creating appealing applications. Businesses usually need to develop apps for both platforms, and thus developers have to write different codes for both the platforms.

Therefore, Cross-platform development offered by Flutter has gained a huge popularity in the mobile industry.

Cross-platform development is the development of mobile applications that can be used on both mobile platforms i.e.

Android and iOS. This framework saves the time of the developer when building an app. Flutter has entered the world of cross-platform mobile development and trying to make its mark in the field incredibly.

It will be interesting to compare the process of Flutter app development with Android mobile app development and to see what would be the future of Flutter. Let’s discuss all these things in detail.

Overview of Flutter

Just in case, you have not much knowledge about Flutter, Flutter launched by Google is an open source platform mobile SDK that is used to create a cross-platform application.

Flutter a cross-platform solution has a growing number of admirers among developers. There are a number of reasons behind the fame of this platform.

It is one of the convenient ways that allows you to develop an app in a clear-cut manner and then run it on both leading platforms i.e. Android and iOS. Plus, Google is constantly working on the framework to improve its features.

However; adding all these things together, the framework works well with Fuschsia the new operating system of Google. Flutter is a free framework that is easy to optimize thus making the process of UI coding simpler and trouble free then native android app development process.

Pros and cons of Flutter mobile app development

Even though Flutter is praised by a lot of people, but this framework also has some downsides that we cannot neglect. Flutter by Google is still budding and rising and is comparatively young in its group.

Let’s take a look at both the pros and the cons within this framework.

Pros of Flutter

  • Flutter framework allows developers to build attractive applications on Android and iOS platform via a single codebase.
  • This offers a competent, trouble-free, and a time-saving solution.
  • Offers shared code base for Android and iOS
  • It provides full native performance on Android and iOS.
  • It is easy to set up
  • The framework is perfect for MVP
  • It is used by developers for production of “top apps”
  • The development process is easy with “hot reload”
  • Offers native OEM Widgets

Cons of Flutter

  • The dev community is still small.
  • The technology is not very mature.
  • Limited libraries
  • JavaScript codebase is not fully native
  • Restrictive license

 Future of Flutter mobile app development

As discussed above you can see, the main drawbacks of the framework are mostly related to the fact that Flutter is new in the marketplace. The cross-platform development framework simply hasn’t sufficient time to fully chill out.

However, there are a number of advantages of using this framework and more and more mobile app developers have already become strong followers of this technology,

Few days back, Google has just released the first stable releases of Flutter after its launch. This year Google experts also announced Flutter 1.2 at the Mobile World Congress Conference.

The tech giant has a strong roadmap and vision for Flutter. The open-source platform was developed with Fuchsia in mind.

We can’t guess the future of Flutter, but it has all the potential to cross all the limitations.

Generally speaking, Flutter is the best option for businesses to develop iOS and Android apps with similar source code and with fewer assets. At present, several cross-platform mobile app development frameworks have come and gone, so it will be interesting to see the future of developing mobile apps.

 Flutter cross-app development vs. a native android app development

 This is the main point of conversation while discussing the future of Flutter Cross-platform development, it becomes compulsory to address the giant in the space. Yes, native Android app developmentis at the competition with Flutter cross-app development.

For now, Google is also working on another operating system Fuchsia. This Operating system will certainly act as a catalyst for Flutter in the upcoming future.

Native Android development seems to be leading the marketplace due to its reliability aspect. On the other hand, we can say that Flutter is special from the native Android development tools in the market.

Wrap up section

In my opinion, mobile app development using Flutter may be good for your online business, which has not only been confirmed by us but by several tech experts in the market. With all its advantages and Google’s support, Flutter is indeed very promising. 

For now, we cannot make any assumptions here, but it could be an alarming signal for all other older technologies that something is going to change in the future. It would be fair to expect a new stable and suitable Flutter overcoming all the odds in the upcoming years.

In addition to the above, if you have any questions left, contact Fluper on their official website. They will consult you and offer a free estimate of your Flutter mobile app development project.

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