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Node.js Frameworks to Help Full Stack Developers stay ahead in 2019

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Know about popular Node.js frameworks to develop scalable network applications!


Node.js is a runtime environment that executes JavaScript on the server-side. The use of JavaScript across the stack unifies the language and data format (JSON) allowing the programmers to optimally reuse developer resources.

One argument that was not in favor of Node.js was that earlier, Node.js programmers might find it difficult to process CPU bound tasks. To resolve this Node.js answers the client call to start a request and processes the task during the time it shoots callback, as the task is ready, giving way to non-blocking (input/output) model in web application development.

After overcoming 20 years of stateless request-response paradigm, Node.js applications now allow both clients and servers to interact in real time, which means the tides have turned in favor of state-full requests-responses (2-way connections). 

Arguments That Go In Favour Of Node.Js

Like JavaScript, Node.js is a front-end programming language that makes use of single thread to process tasks quickly. JS tasks are always quick, occupy less memory and are lightweight.

Therefore, threading is not required to process Node.js tasks.

One of the essential parts of Node.js community is NPM which also contains many libraries that can be downloaded on the basis of particular requirements with no cost with its registry that is massive and getting bigger quickly.

Node.js' latest version 11.0 introduces some extraordinary features such as interval such as reduced interval time, an addition of error code, use of native node has now become stable along with an improvement in performance and better diagnosis. Moreover, with push technology over web sockets, intense I/O that requires speed and scalability, suitability for applications where speed is everything like social media, live chats, forums, gaming apps, ad servers or stock exchange software like LinkedIn, Groupon, PayPal, Netflix, Walmart, Twitter, Uber, Medium, Ebay, Trello, Yahoo, Mozilla, GoDaddy and Airbnb etc.

Subsequently, Top Node.js frameworks provide lots of vital features that cannot be ignored and make node.js as a very strong full-stack development framework: Garbage collection, process memory, event looping, Node’s ability to be CPU bound and use asynchronous operations helps save memory and space requirements. With node.js it is possible to write both front-end as well as a back-end for any application using full-stack solutions such as MEAN or MEVN.

Here is an Illustration of the major Node.js frameworks here (without going in-depth):

  1. Express.JS
  3. Meteor.JS
  4. Koa.JS
  5. Sails.js
  7. Nest.JS
  9. Keystone.JS
  10. Feathers.JS
  11. Hapi.JS
  13. Restify.JS
  14. Adonis.JS

Most of the frameworks listed here have elegant syntax, are simple, stable and based on MVC architecture. These utilize connect style middleware, are configuration-centric and offer features like input validation, caching, authentication and some other essential facilities like flexibility and creating dynamic end-to-end REST API’s.


Considering all the reasons that go in favor of Node.js (stated above), node.js development company India consider the fact that, competing across Angular, React, .Net core, Spring, Django, Cordova, TensorFlow, Xamarin, Spark and Hadoop - it stood on top of the development stack amongst the most favored frontend+backend development frameworks in 2018. It has large community support, ability to resolve open issues on GitHub, flexibility, compatibility with latest tools, two-way communication.

Non-blocking I/O model, data streaming in real time, ease of use with coding and is extremely productive.

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