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New app rating formula for Android apps

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With the advancement in technology, Google is increasing the influence of app reviews when calculating the average Play store rating of an app. This announcement came into notice at the company’s yearly I/O developer meeting. These refreshed review ratings will be rolling out to the public at the beginning of this August month. These changes are similar to the iOS 11 update 2 years ago. Now with this app rating formula the review regency matters in both app stores, more than ever before. And this means that for a successful business identifying and activate your customers is more significant than it’s ever been.


Aspects of the Android play store app rating formula:

The standard rating calculation for Android apps will be updated for all apps on the Google Play store. Instead of a life span growing value, the app’s average review rating will be reconsidered to give more influence to the latest ratings.

This rating formula update will allow customers to see a more perfect picture of the application, including bug fixes and fresh features that offer an enhanced experience, as the experience of the developer is not taken into consideration when determining the application’s rating.  This change in the app store means that high-quality applications that have not released fresh updates will now have a rating that somewhere reflects a present situation of decline.

In addition to this, the California based company Google will now offer suggested replies to make it easier for publishers to react to and improve the review ratings. With this update when the app owners respond to a particular review, they will now see suggested replies option created automatically based on the content of the review published by the user.

But keep in mind that there is still the option to create a personalized message from scratch. This amendment is likely to encourage more people to give reviews, as sharing your view is an always better option.

Android update is similar to Apple iOS update

Google’s update is similar to Apple’s iOS 11 rating updates that were released 2 years back. Many tech experts were thrilled when they first heard that Google’s focus is shifting to make the ratings and reviews procedure easier and more apparent.

With the undertaking to give every user experience a voice, this update has played a crucial role in helping companies to know that users are ready to rate the applications in the app store. In broad, android development companies are now paying more attention to the application development process.

Like this, the I/O update provides a much better experience for the public who uses Android apps and helps turn the one-way feedback void into a two-way response loop between the user and brand.


For both Apple and Google store brands now need to be able to manage speed around how often they respond for feedback, considerately decide where the prompts are elicited, and place more influence on making their mobile app’s experience much more customer-centric. The Android Store changes reward the owners of the app for prompt replies and listening to their customers, but on the other hand, the review mechanism in the Apple store is opaque.

Reply feature in the update

The reply feature introduced in the Google update makes it easier for mobile app developers to react to user reviews and comments. The publisher of the app also receives suggestions that will be based on the query of the user review.

With this move, mobile app developers will be able to understand the hint, customize it, or create their content. Developers can execute this update procedure either in a flexible or in an immediate flow.

The former option allows the user to keep using the application while downloading the update. On the other hand, the immediate review option presents a full-screen response that tells the user they need to download the most up-to-date version to use the application.

Google announced this app rating feature in November and now it is available for the public. Keep in mind that a customer’s rating is just a small piece of perceptive how they feel while using your app and their criticism and the state of their association to the company has never mattered more.

So it is important to recognize and trigger your fans.

The benefit of Android play store app rating formula

According to Google with this update, the apps on the Google play store are ranked based on a blend of reviews, ratings, downloads, and other factors. For now, the power of this new rating calculation in the ranking algorithm is not identified, but it will surely have some influence on your application’s Play store rankings.

Final thoughts

As discussed above, Android apps are also visible on Google search results on your mobile device. So your android play store ratings play a major role in the search results, which means you should truly think of your app ratings as part of your overall SEO strategies.

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