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5 rewarding tips to increase business mobile app engagement

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Sometimes it seems like that the mobile world is conventionally divided into two main groups (which, evidently, can be mixed): Mobile app engagement and mobile app retention are the two main metrics that provide an authentic insight into the accomplishment of an application. Low app engagement and retention rate follows a formula for failure, while high user engagement and retention helps you to achieve success. So the question here arises how do you increase business mobile app engagement? But before proceeding ahead it is important to understand what it is and why we need to increase it for our business app success.


As a mobile app user, everyone likes to grab a money-saving discount offer while shopping. Well, the desire to save some dollars always attracts everyone, irrespective of good financial status.

This truth is well-known among brand-owners and vendors, which is why we often see exciting discounted coupons available for almost everything.

Discount coupons act a loyalty program that not only boosts you in general trade but also helps to create a buzz around the product in the long term.

Therefore, as an online business, you should go for various interesting tips to increase business mobile app engagement and attract more and more customers.

If you are wondering: which mobile engagement strategies are likely to give in the highest ROI then here are 5 rewarding tips to increase business mobile app engagement.

5 tips to increase business mobile app engagement

Push notifications

As we all know that Push notifications act as a primary method for engaging and maintaining users for the long term. According to a study conducted by Localytics Data Team, push notifications increase app engagement by 88% when used correctly.

The secret agenda to gaining high revenue on your investment is in finding the correct frequency for your users so your push notification will not annoy your mobile app users. To boost engagement and retention rates, make sure to push notifications to fresh users within 90 days.

 According to a report by Urban Airship points out that sending a weekly notification to your customers can increase the app retention rate in just 90 days by 6 times on both the platforms. The key to successful mobile app developmentis using the right strategy of push notifications that provides users the correct information they require, where and when they wish for it.

Mobile phone users are very choosy towards data they accommodate; to earn their trust. Most users will willingly enjoy a push notification that provides them with some authentic details that benefit the user.

The Exciting Loyalty Reward Programs

Building trust with the help of exciting loyalty rewards at the right time makes the success of your business more likely. The fact of the matter is that loyalty offers or the bonus discount programs lead to the maintenance and return of the customers to your brand.

These programs also motivate your customers to share the story of your app with their friends and colleagues. So, you can incorporate this tip in your business and win the interest of a lot of buyers.

Gratifying customers who make a given amount of purchase will make sure a boost in the standard order value of your app store. Moreover, you can also give unique discounts to customers in the type of cash-back points that they can use in the future.


Social media advertising

According to statistics reports, we are all social and approximately 2.539 billion of all 2.789 billion social media users came from different mobile apps. The Social media channels offer an effectual and cheap prospect to connect users, ignite conversation and rejuvenate users who don’t use your business app regularly.

Incorporating social media advertising through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest proffer numerous targeting options and ad types for which you can connect mobile users with your preferred information. With the introduction of Social media advertising from Facebook; you can target particular audiences on Facebook with unique ads that are related to your business.

To boost up the download rate of your app or compel users to revisit your application it is good to integrate unique features in your app.

Offer Exciting Coupons on Sign-ups

There is yet another thrilling way to offer coupons that no business ill forget in this digital world. You can offer discount offers completely for newsletter sign-ups and email alerts.

Most of the people sign in to your app service if they get a $3 coupon or a 20% off on their first purchase just for subscribing. Is not this amazing? Moreover, you can keep your customers updated with the deals, new arrivals and other appealing facts about your brand that tempts them to buy more.

So, you’ll make a lot of success in terms of your business and money surely. To make an appealing app you can connect with a mobile app development company and share your app idea today.

Encourage Two-Way statement

This is one of the best ways to keep your users engaged with your brand.  You can ask your users for feedback that will show that their contribution is being considered to drive the application in the way they want it to go.

The added profit of review is that they won’t be as likely to post a harmful review on the app stores if they inform you first. Showing openness and addressing any concerns will improve your engagement rates, encourage positive feedback, and build long-term brand reliability.

As a result, you will come to know about what your customers adore and what they do not like about your store and services. This will help you make more well-versed decisions and improve your business image.


So, go ahead! Just make your discount coupon strategy flexible and start following the above tips and watch your business grow. In addition to this, if you are looking for a mobile app development company then you can connect with Fluper .

Being a leading mobile app development company we have more than 8 years of experience in this industry. Feel free to connect with us today.

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