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How mobile apps are changing the dynamics of logistic and supply chain industry?

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Without any certainty, the upsurge of logistics and supply chain industry over the past few years is all thanks to the mobile industry. As we know that products, people, and packages are continuously moving from one place to another and people are more and more using mobile devices in their daily lives, with all the profit of continuous high-bandwidth internet and applications.

So, the question here arises how is it possible for the logistics and supply chain industry to take advantage of mobility trends and boost up opportunities within the mobility marketplace? The growing difficulties in the marketplace, competition, and changing customer demands push the supply chain and logistics industry to try out the most modern trend in technology of mobile app solutions.

These industries use mobility solutions to simplify their delivery times, and maintaining time schedules while gaining control over real-time data gathering.

Understand the use of Mobile devices on supply chain management system

It is important to understand the way the supply chain industry is based on mobile applications. The supply chain industry is customer-centric platform model that captures and exploits real-time performance from several sources within their supply chain. The tracking services offered by mobile app devices now provide a trouble-free solution that facilitates demand stimulation and improves the overall asset management for better-optimized performance.

Why choose Mobile App Development for the Supply Chain?

The mobile app development for logistics and supply chain has integrated the mobile fleet’s solutions to make the process of tracking goods easy in real-time and diminish dependency on multiple contacts. The main benefit of choosing mobility solutions is to speed up processes by managing the inventory management system and reaching the doors of customers speedily. Thus creating a true B2E2B2C model empowering your human resources is empowering your customers and business. Through this medium the companies can capitalize on superior productivity of the supply chain, by reducing the mitigating and minimizing losses due to handling errors and optimizing transport networks thus, dropping both effort and price.

There are various case studies where mobile app solutions for logistics and supply chain have been able to diminish supply chain price up to 50 percent, resulting in a profits growth of 10 percent. The main reason behind choosing the mobile app solutions is that it offers an abundant number of benefits that remains dynamic and can be scaled effortlessly.

The data which is collected in real-time data is continuously sent to dynamic optimization engines that act as the hub of supply chain management which assists all the optimal routes, and also provides customers with real-time information thus making the process much more transparent.


Mobility solutions helping customers with the ‘real-time’ data

The mobile application development solutions help customers to stay updated with the real-time data and they love to check the shipment process at every moment. With such an approach, the customers remain updated about the transiting process and around what time can they expect their goods. This process saves cost and time based on backend shipment tracking mechanism.

The Mobile application development has opened a new interface at the customer’s end. With the help of real-time updates, customers can even check midnight shipment transition, staying assured that their order is arriving at the time and everything that’s happening outside the storehouse is at their fingertips.

Benefits of mobile apps in Supply Chain Management

  • With the help of mobile applications, the supply chain industries are able to assemble data and adapt this data into business intelligence.
  • This process helps the top industry management to take informed business choices that ultimately lead to profitability.
  • Mobility solutions eliminate deficient customer service incidents around the supply chain industry.
  • The mobile apps have also boosted the performance of employees working at warehouses, transportation hubs, stores, truckers, shippers etc. and the organization benefits by getting immediate information on instant bases.
  • The supply chain industry apps enable organizations to envisage product trends and makes sure that they are prepared for cyclic peaks particularly in case of cross channel retailers. The other advantage of using these solutions is that it will lower down the inventory shipment rates and increase inventory turns.
  • Mobile app solutions around supply chain recognize and abolish deficient customer service events.
  • These mobility solutions help customers with real-time information.


At Fluper, we provide solid mobile app solutions that benefit logistics and transportation companies to receive timely information related to their services. The mobile app development helps to avoid disturbance in the existing mechanism, making way for an error-free transition process for everyday logistics operations. These solutions have facilitated businesses to be more structured, well-versed and profitable. But still, there are several hurdles that need to be crossed. It would still take huge potential and several years to make the logistics industry more competent and cost-effective.

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