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Artificial Intelligence: Pros and Cons to know for better business outcomes

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Artificial Intelligence over the years has changed a lot, increasing the levels of data being processed with the development of advanced algorithms. The understanding of the data with relevant inputs is better than before. Artificial intelligence is all about learning from the human experiences it comes across. AI has always adjusted on its own to new inputs as the new version of advanced technology.

AI at present has become an integral part of the many technologies such as AR/VR, machine learning, NLP and Deep Learning. The conception of artificial intelligence denotes computer programming that can be used to perform human tasks.


About Artificial Intelligence 

AI is allowing businesses to perform tasks in a similar way to what a human would do. AI can help the human with many futuristic options with deep reasoning to voice recognition.

This revolutionary technology has different levels or classifications.

Artificial Intelligence is majorly classified into strong and weak extension. When we talk about strong artificial intelligence it is all about programming that could imitate human thoughts and actions. Whereas weak artificial intelligence can only mimic humans in actions. Apart from that, there is narrow and general artificial intelligence and their classification is based on the capability of the programming. Voice recognition, image recognition, visual perception, and even decision making comes under the range of Artificial Intelligence. 

Pros and cons of artificial intelligence: Pros of AI

Tackling Tedious Task:

Artificially Intelligent empowered solutions are helping humans to complete complex task hassle-free.  The involvement of the AI is offering one of the significant advantages of handling the tasks in a critical situation. The ability to perform any size of tasks within the time frame can be done with the help of AI.

Eliminating complex task:

It eliminates complex tasks to handle more important matters. Repetitive tasks that are necessary to perform can be handled by AI programming. Thus, AI-enabled solutions can help to perform such tasks without impacting productivity.

Taking Fast decision

AI offered the brands to take fast decisions based on the collected data. This feature of AI is considered significant to overcome the barrier while taking a decision. AI is efficient enough to handle any size of the problem and offer definite results.

Error-free process:

Artificial intelligence is implemented in a process that requires a very high degree of accurateness. There are few fields where there is no place for the error. Therefore, the presence of AI helps to solve and identify the error in the process where human intelligence can be challenged.

Cons of AI

Cost of maintenance:

Cost is one of the major drawbacks of artificial intelligence. The cost to maintain and manage the AI-empowered solution or system is high. With every update, there is always the need to match the new changes. Moreover, AI-enabled systems or solutions need a lot of processes for updating and reinstalling new software.


The replacement of employees by intelligent machines is a big concern. This is one of the leading disputes against artificial intelligence in the market. It is affecting the employees in low-skilled jobs. AI can replace the 40-60 employees for monitoring and management on any task. 

Lack of humanity:

Though AI is smart enough to handle the situation, but it still lacks the humanity while taking the decision related to human. AI always works based on algorithms and calculations. While taking the intelligent decision it may lose humanity's concerns.  The AI-based judgments may lack humanity, emotion judgment, thinking or sentimental qualities.

Lack of creativity:

Machine programming never offers creativity. You can only find it in humans. Humans can write the program for creativity with AI machines to design and creating creativity. The innovation can only be created with the help of the human, not by the machines.

Take away

The advent of artificial intelligence improved the tedious pattern in the major business sectors. The advantages of AI are helpful to a certain level, but some limitations must be applied. Artificial intelligence solutionsmust be formulated to support humans at any cost.

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