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Ionic vs. Cordova: Everything you need to know

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As technology is improving at a high speed, mobile app developers have more choices at hand when it comes to developing apps. The need for mobile phone applications has become so important in the present life that people are investing more and more in mobile app development. The development of an app is a procedure of creating all of the code, assets, and design required to execute a software application for business digital assistants, mobile devices, and digital assistants. From the past few years, mobile app development has been steadily rising, in revenues and jobs created.


In this write-up, we will be discussing the two well-known technologies trending in the marketplace for the mobile app development which is Cordova and Ionic. The combination of these two popular frameworks forms a development platform that is well-known as hybrid app development. Let’s get started with the information on Ionic and Cordova frameworks and know the difference between these two along with their features.

Understanding Ionic

  • First of all, we need to understand the actual meaning of ionic and what function does it play in the hybrid mobile application development.
  • Ionic is an open-source free SDK framework for hybrid app development.
  • The open-source framework provides a way to other required frameworks used in the app development with the help of HTML, CSS, and Java, etc.
  • Ionic framework is an arrangement of CSS classes, HTML, and a library of JavaScript modules.

Understanding Cordova

  • Cordova allows mobile app developers to access the native features like – geolocation, file system Camera access ability, audio feature, video recording feature, etc.
  • It is a platform that is used for building hybrid mobile apps using CSS, HTML, and JS.
  • By using this framework, you will get a whole lot of various plugins that you can incorporate into your business application to fulfill all the requirements.

Advantages of using Ionic

  • It’s free and open source.
  • Quick development
  • HTML, Angular, CSS and JavaScript skills are all you need to get started.
  • Support Multiple UI components
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of plugins
  • Allows rapid prototyping using its frameworks
  • Works on MVC (Model View Controller) Pattern
  • It is used for Hybrid Mobile Development

Advantages of using Cordova

  • Lot of plugins which you can incorporate into your application
  • It's very quick to prototype
  • Lots of library options
  • Works on JavaScript
  • It provides good community support
  • It is used for the cross-platform mobile app development
  • It is easy to learn the technology so you can grasp the things more speedily
  • It is also a free and open-source framework

Some Major Differences between Both Ionic and Cordova


  • Ionic easily provides frameworks required to use in the mobile application. On the other hand, Cordova provides plugins required in the application similar to native applications.
  • Ionic provides a number of features needed to be integrated into the application while Cordova technology provides the hardware access feature to the development of an application.
  • Creating a beautiful and effective design using the Ionic frameworks with the help of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML is easy.
  • Cordova, on the other hand, provides features like Camera Feature, integrating Bluetooth access feature, Video Recording feature, etc to the mobile application.

Combination of Ionic and Cordova

If you are still not satisfied with the explanation then there is an extra gift for you.

You can even create your plugin if you want to add some extra features to your mobile application. Cordova technology gives developers the ability to make your plugin through which you can make not possible things possible. That’s why it’s an astounding blend of two powerful frameworks that combined to form Hybrid applications.

How Ionic framework can improve Cordova's development?

Ionic helps mobile app developers to wrap all Cordova commands and lets them efficiently work with all Cordova plugins. Also, the Ionic framework can improve the Cordova's development.

Smooth UI and UX

Ionic is an ideal fit for the trouble-free and fast development of a simple yet trendy design. This framework kit provides you with everything you may need in your mobile app development. In this kit, there are a number of templates, 700+ standard icons, more than 80 mixins and lots of built-in components such as footer bars, headers, buttons, grid elements and much more. This is certainly a better start than the empty app screen you see in the Cordova framework. But in case you need some help in Cordova then Ionic is ready to help you out with its support community and official documentation.

Easy to use development process

With the Ionic framework, you can easily edit your code in the app folder and immediately see it changed since the app prototype tab is revived automatically after every single alteration. You can achieve all features with Cordova, but not like the out-of-the-box of Ionic, it’s a perfect framework for development.


Ionic code creates high-performance applications as compared to Cordova-built apps. Ionic brings hybrid mobile app development to the next level. Besides being a valuable tool for creating a striking design, it also simplifies the development process and boosts up the application’s performance. If you want to know more about Ionic app development, feel free to contact Fluper to hire mobile app developers.

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