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Android Q adds more support for foldable devices and different folding patterns

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Today Best android application development company are now waiting for such technology and its operating system that is going to take over the folding pattern form.

There are a number of technologies that are extremely famous at the present time but a few years back no one knew about them. There are a number of subjective additions to the long list of technology and now foldable devices are going to be a part of it.

This is going to be one of the biggest breaksin the technology world that have taken over with flexible batteries, flexible screen, and even the established materials. The best android application development company are now waiting for such technology and its operating system that is going to take over the folding pattern form.

Android Q

The capabilities and features that are added up to developers and users that allows enhancing their experience. On top of that, the android app development services work up with these technologies and giving it a new model to live up with. Especially when it comes to development mode, then there are so many things added up to the Android API that can be used for the application development. The behavior of API differs and work on privacy changes along with behavior changes. The platform change can work up with the applications to have effectwhile development phase.

Security Enhancement

There are a number of features that are added up to the security details of Android Q. It allows a lot of security to the system that gives a major flow to the periodic workflow and keeps things stable.

1) Improved Biometric Authentication

The major addition in the long list of Android Q features is that it helps in working upon the biometric authentication dialogs. This is added up with latest features that work up with big data cloud solutions to ensure that the system is working in a secure environment.

  • Biometric confirmation

Itincludes the specific user confirmation that works up with different requirements. If a user has already provided the authentication with biometric modality then it is possible for it to work up in the confirmation mode. The users don’t have to enter the details again to get confirmation from the users.

  • Fallback support

Another major benefit for Android Q is that the hi tech solutions allow the companies to work up with a pattern, PIN and even the password. This gives it a plus point to work up with so that they can access the biometric that work on different input. The fallback support is also enabled that allows the business world to work up easily. Also, the setDeviceCredentialAllowed() method is taken up to the support to ensure that development is done accurately.

  • Biometric capabilities

The BiometricPrompt work up to invoke the biometric support authentication with the BiometricManager class in canAuthnticate() method. The workup is done in a secure mode that allows the flow to be stable with workup.

2) DEX Code

This gives best android application development company a plus point to work with embedded DEX Code. This can be focused on the APK file that allows preventingan attackthat can be the cause of compiled code tampering. It has the ability to work upon the device to ensure that android app development services are to the point and nothing can tamper the overall performance.

  • Bazel



Nocompress_extension = [“.dex”],


  • Gradle

aaptOptions {

noCompress ‘dex’


Connectivity Features

The big data cloud solutions in Android Q is not going to be complete if there is no connectivity between the devices. It requires networking to ensure that things work out easily.

1) API Connection

The peer-to-peer connections work up well with Android Q that work on the prompt connection. In addition to this, the hi tech solutions can also focus onWifiNetworkSpecifier that allows one to request network properties.

2) Bypassing approval

This is a great condition to request the response to ensure the specific application. It ensures to focus on the approval phase to ensure that the network can be connected automatically.


This has come up with an advantage for Android Q platform that is going to be based for support for folding patterns or foldable devices.

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