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Top 5 programming languages for mobile app development

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In 2019, the success of business entirely depends on your mobile app idea. A mobile application that offers users a solution to their needs has a good chance of becoming a success in the marketplace. Nowadays, the demand for Mobile application development is rapidly growing in the globe as the technologies are evolving and imparting the services to users just by few clicks. While considering the right programming language is important that gives users the best way to target products that most startups should keep in mind to satisfy the needs of the users.


As soon as you realize the idea of your mobile app, it is time to understand the right target market. For this you need to select a programming language, keeping in mind your business tactic to make a hybrid, native, or cross-platform apps. This write-up gives you complete information to choose the right programming for your mobile application development. Have a look.

Importance of Programming Languages

Well, it is not important that mobile app developers certainly have experience in all 5 of the languages that we have outlined in this write-up.

But they must have little bit knowledge of all these that will make working with different platforms much easier in general. Developers should also be knowledgeable about which programming language is used for Android or iOS app development. Staying ahead of the latest trends is one more key to stay updated in this competitive marketplace.

Choose the Right Programming Language


PHP is a general-purpose Hypertext Preprocessor programming language. PHP is a scripting language, which runs on various servers, and it is used to create creative web pages. It is well-liked because it is free, economical, and easy to use for new programmers. This programming language is a very strong option for web developers around the world. It is extensively used to build dynamic websites.  It is a well-suited option for WordPress CMS. This mobile app developmentlanguage is a reasonable option for developers with inadequate funds.


  • Clean coding and ease of use
  • Easy to learn
  • It is extendible
  • Large amount of databases are supported
  • Compatible with various servers
  • High performance and reliability


Swift is the most modern programming language to be successful in the iOS app development, mainly considering its frequency in writing code for Apple’s most modern APIs like Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Developers can use this language along with Objective-C thus making it clear for iOS mobile app developers to turn to Swift for complete programming. This language is designed to eradicate the probability of many of the security vulnerabilities possible with Objective-C. For successful mobile app development, it is to time for mobile app developers to turn to Swift, as many organizations are looking forward to hiring Swift developers with proficiency in developing cutting-edge mobile apps using this parallel scripting language.


  • Swift language is very easier to understand and write.
  • It uses less coding to perform similar tasks as compared to Objective-C.
  • The ending product by Swift is future proof.
  • Swift projects are easier to scale.
  • Swift increases the safety and performance of the project.
  • Swift programming language provides supports to all Apple devices.



Java is a computer programming language that has always been the certain leader of being the most well-known and highly employed mobile app coding language since its launch in the marketplace. Java is primarily utilized for developing the back-end web frameworks, desktop applications, and Android applications, which makes it different from other mobile frameworks in 2019. Java is a versatile language used by mobile app developers for speedy and error-free mobile application development.


  • Java programming language has a large and standard group of class libraries.
  • Java has easy to use Syntax as compare to C++.
  • It is good and portable.
  • It is a machine Independent programming language.


Python is an open-source high-level programming language used for general-purpose programming. In recent years, Python has become a language that is used by worldwide users including enterprises and the best business organizations to make their mobile applications. This easy to use programming language is widely popular due to their ability to give superior results, quickness and user experience to the customers. There are a number of things that make Python easy to understand, unique, and basic syntax features make Python the best choice for professionals.


  • Developing apps with Python is very easy
  • It is so simple to learn.
  • Python supports several systems and platforms.
  • Python has a vast set of frameworks that makes programming so flexible.


Kotlin is a language that all mobile app developers need to be familiar with, as it is one of the best programming languages for mobile app development used nowadays. It is a short, compact, and understandable programming language, completely in sync with Java. It’s easy to use syntax and the main focus on mobile development has fascinated a lot of developers. The key features of this language include compact code, security and easily to learn. It is mostly used for Android app development.


  • Kotlin a statically typed programming language can boost up team efficiency.
  • It is concise and perceptive.
  • Kotlin language can be easily used with existing java code.
  • Kotlin supports different IDE’s
  • Kotlin code is so simple and clear.


The above 5 programming languages help to fuel your mobile app development process. After choosing the language that works for you, it’s time to hire mobile app developers who should be able to create the best mobile app to make your startup business a successful one. Moreover, if you are looking for a mobile app development company then Fluperis ready to assist you in this part. To find out what we can do for your business, get in touch with us today.

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