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Top Cross-Platform mobile development Frameworks in 2019

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Several businesses are making huge changes in their processes by switching to the use of mobile applications. The mobile app is the best way to reach your target audience. Using mobile apps for business is the best way to reach the target audiences in a faster and easier manner. However, there is huge competitiveness in the mobile app industry while choosing the right framework and platform for your business mobile app development process.


Nowadays the Android and iOS platforms are the major platforms that are used for mobile app development. While web and mobile app development companies usually use the native development method, and the developers need to write separate codes for both the platforms. It is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, with the help of the cross-platform app framework, there’s no need to write separate codes for the different platforms. Developers can save a lot of their time with cross-platform mobile app development.

This is the reason why cross-platform app frameworks become trendy over time in the mobile industry.

With a cross-platform framework, a mobile app can be easily converted into an iOS app and vice versa. In this write up you will get complete details about the top cross-platform mobile app frameworks in 2019. Before we discuss the best frameworks that mobile app developers can use in 2019, let’s review what exactly cross-platform apps are.

What are Cross-Platform App Frameworks?

The Cross-platform frameworks allow developers to create unique mobile applications that can be used on various platforms iOS and Android. It provides the developers with the ability to write the code for both the platforms in a hassle-free manner.

Previously, these sorts of mobile app frameworks came with performance problems and changeable application behavior, but with time these have become the mainstream as the cost of development for both the platforms is increasing by the day.

Advantages of cross-platform development

Code Reusability

It is one of the biggest benefits that hybrid app development frameworks offer. A single code can be implemented on multiple platforms. So, developers have to put less effort and time as compared to the native mobile app development.


The cross-platform framework offers a relatively lower cost of development as compared to native app development.


With Cross-platform apps, you will get good consistency in UI Components of the device. The look and feel of the app is uniform.

Easy Hosting

The cross-platform framework is easy to host in particular app stores.

Cloud Integration

Integration is quite easy with the cloud environment using this framework. You can even integrate this framework quickly with enterprise-grade plugins.

Shorter Time to Market

The cross platform apps need a shorter time to market. Thus it saves the marketing effort.

5 top cross platforms frameworks

Now hopefully you must be aware of the benefits of cross-platform app development, let’s go on to discover the 5 most chosen cross-platform app frameworks in 2019.



Since 2011 Xamarin is a famous player in the cross-platform marketplace. It is a popular development framework in the Microsoft ecosystem that helps in making the high-performance apps. Xamarin framework uses the language C# for development.

Xamarin is one of the superb development tools and cloud services that can help developers, though the UI design tools could be better.

Features of Xamarin:

  • It offers various interface development tools
  • Save a lot of development time.
  • Codes can be easily shared.

Ionic Framework

Ionic framework is one of the well-liked cross-platform frameworks that web and app development companies use to make mobile apps. It is a free and open-source cross-platform framework licensed under MIT. This cross-platform framework uses technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which are well-known to developers. A company should hire dedicated developers from a mobile app development company with knowledge of all these mentioned technologies to build their mobile apps.

Features of Ionic Framework:

  • Free of cost
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It wraps the Angular framework
  • Offers support for latest and newest mobile devices
  • It helps to build up native-based apps

React native

This cross platform framework is created by Facebook. It made sufficient noise in the world of hybrid app development. React Native since the time of its launch in the world of frameworks has managed to turn out to be one of the most well-liked frameworks. One of the major reasons for its better popularity is that it gives the developers the expediency to code in JavaScript. Now, this seems to be cool as it is the preferred language for coding.

Features of React Native:

  • Code reusability
  • Helps you to use ready-to-apply elements
  • It comes with an integer number of plugins
  • It is an open-source framework
  • Much faster than other frameworks
  • Makes less use of memory


Flutter is one more free and open-source cross-platform framework that mobile app developers are using to build native interfaces. You can use it effortlessly for both Android and iOS platforms and since its launch in 2017. Flutter App Development is based on Dart (object-oriented programming language) which makes it trouble-free to be learned and used.

Features of Flutter:

  • The framework is written in Dart language
  • It is an object-oriented programming language
  • It is one of the well-accepted solutions for cross-platform app development
  • Testing apps is easy


PhoneGap also is known as Apache PhoneGap was later on named as Adobe PhoneGap. Today this framework is owned by Adobe. It is a framework mainly used for cross-platform app development and it makes use of JavaScript, HTML and CSS language. Like the above-mentioned frameworks, PhoneGap also helps the developers to make the process of coding easier. It is one of the reasons that make PhoneGap stand out from other frameworks. Moreover, if you want to stay ahead of its competitors then you can hire mobile app developers from a mobile app development company that has good knowledge of a large number of plugins.

Features of Adobe PhoneGap:

  • With this framework, you can build apps using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Helps in developing apps for all the major operating systems
  • It helps you add in more functionality to the app
  • No hardware issues


At present, the most crucial role is played by cross-platform app frameworks in mobile app development. They work as tools to carry out the development of businesses. When you are developing a mobile application for your business, you need to make sure you are going with a client-centric solution. This means you need to consider several factors while choosing the right cross-platform mobile app frameworks for the job. So take your time, and choose the right one that best suits your interest.

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