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Augmented Reality-based User Manual - Innovative way to guide the users

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The growing trend of augmented reality instruction manuals is increasing to deliver engaging information to the targeted users. Different businesses are introducing Augmented Reality-based User Manual to explore the new possibilities.

With the most widespread use cases for mobile Augmented Reality, The AR user manual is the best way to educate the users. User manuals are practical and add convenience to the users while using any electronic device. Just point your smartphone camera at an electronic device and virtually get immediate information.

This is an easier and faster way to give classic instruction manuals in a whole new way.

AR technology is helping to transform every aspect of the customer’s experience. AR user manuals let the users retain what they watch. Rather than going through the lengthy procedure of installation or working, AR user manual simply changes the tedious pattern. 

Why AR suits best in Instruction Manuals?


At the time of initial setup, configuration, troubleshooting, regular maintenance, or for a demonstration of machine parts AR provides an interactive digital interface. The customer can easily get the information that is displayed virtually. The virtual content delivers an immersive experience, enabling the user to feel self-reliant, empowered, and in control. AR-based instruction manuals, help the customer to understand the working of the devices effortlessly.

  • Projecting information in the form of 3D and 2D elements.
  • Easily explains the complex task accompanying with virtual notes and warnings.
  • Denotes the location of each target component, surrounded with useful context.
  • 3D models help the users understand the complex installation easily with text instructions describing the task.
  • 3D view of selected part in a rendered pattern on a 2D screen-fixed panel.
  • Depicting a 3D virtual scene or videos of the selected device portion.

How does the AR user manual work?

ARCore for Android (for iOS use ARKit) an augmented reality development platform helps to identify machine/electronic appliance by recognizing its image with machine vision.

After generating its ID and position the machine/electronic appliance allows augmenting the front panel of the machine with a virtual manual on the smartphone’s screen. The value of AR manuals becomes prominent when we deal with a more complex device installation. The use of augmented reality instruction manual can be used for any type of consumer electronics, including kitchen appliances to washing machines.

Industries reaping profit out of the Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality as futuristic technologies helps to showcase the full potential of real-world examples.

Healthcare: The healthcare industry is poised for a real transformation because of the advancement of augmented reality technology.

Manufacturing: Augmented reality dominate the manufacturing industry. AR specifically has quickly created a standard throughout the manufacturing world.

Education: Augmented reality is making learning more enjoyable for children who are visual learners or developmentally challenged.

Automotive: Augmented reality is aiding a variety of purposes of potential automakers to design cars before making the physical prototype.

Military: The military is becoming more frequently with the use of augmented reality to enhance training, situation awareness, information, safety, and scalability.

Final thoughts 

AR has offer advance practical use in many industries. Likewise, the AR manual is a perfect interface for visual guidance to the user. Augmented Reality instruction manuals are considered the most suitable technology to educate the user. This helps the businesses to meet customer demand for consumer product-related enquires.  AR manuals are one of the useful examples of AR to transform the business prospect.

At Quytech, we design and develop AR mobile apps. With our experience in this field, we know how exactly the Augmented reality app development can benefit businesses. Our more than a decade of experience prepares us to deliver the best solutions. If you have a query on how AR can be used for your business then no company better than Quytech can answer you. Experts at Quytech are always eager to help clients in bringing innovative AR business solutions.


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