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Top Reasons to Use Node.js Developers for Web Application Development

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Node.js technology has shaken the world of technology quite convincingly and big enterprises are betting big time on it. In fact, the power of this technology is also embraced by IoT devices like Nodebots and Cyclon. So, this shows how the demand for node js development services is rising high with every passing day. If you think it's going to become extinct, then think again as Node.js technology is here to stay and rule for a long period of timeline. Enterprises must adopt this technology and give their online presence a big boost.

Node.js Technology- Cementing Its Place In The Development World

Node.js technology has been hailed by reputed organizations because of its amazing attributes. Yes, with Node.js development services you get the benefits of scalability, performance, and short cycles. Yet not convinced? Below mentioned are few of the reasons why one must hire Node.js developers for their needs of website and application development services, take a look:

1) Better Speed

Everyone is fond of good speed and custom Node.js developers will bring in this attribute quite handsomely. This technology is running with the use of the V8 engine which has been developed by Google.


With the help of this engine, JavaScript gets compiled to native system code and operates at the quickest possible pace. There is no chance of it getting jumbled up and eventually creating bigger troubles as it runs with a single thread or loop which is responsible for all the operations.

With the help of this technology, one can perform common tasks like reading and writing to file system or network connections quite convincingly. The Node.js website development services bring in scalable, fast network platform which is a big advantage to have. This is the reason why bigger companies like Walmart Labs, LinkedIn, and even Paypal shifted to node.js developers as it helped them with quicker response time and excellent results.

2) Brings In Ubiquity

One of the most important reasons why you must hire node js developer is because it brings in Ubiquity into play which is a win-win situation. With the help of Node.js technology, JavaScript has not a place to serve in the browser and also on the server. So, whatever be the code written on the server or browser, it runs in a similar way. But if a company wants to get the logic changed for moving the browser right on to the server, it can be done with ease with the help of Node.js code migration. With the help of node.js development experts, you can get this done real quick without any kind of complications at all.

3) Data Streaming

With the help of Node.js developers, you also win big with the world of data streaming. In legacy web frameworks, HTTP response and request are two different events but in reality, they both are considered to be data streams. With the help of Node.js website developers, this feature can be used for huge benefit in getting the applications developed with the features like file progressing during the uploading process as the data is coming in the way of streams. This can be done for the purpose of real-time video and audio encoding services.

4) Better Productivity

Hiring Node.js web development services expert can also play a huge role in getting your productivity better. Yes, the node.js programs are exclusively built with the use of JavaScript. This means that the gap which used to be there between backend and frontend developers has been completely broken and it exclusively has enhanced the efficiency of the entire website development process for different business needs. Now, companies can merge the backend and frontend team into a single group and this can result in excellent outcomes in a quicker time period. From efficient to quick results, the business will be benefited quite exceptionally.

Paypal is one such example which has benefited from this technology quite rightly. The company has measured a boost in developer productivity with the use of this technology. In fact, only half the number of custom application developers were required to develop an application when compared to earlier used technology.

 5) Real-Time Web Applications

With the help of Node.js Developers, you will now not have to worry about the needs of protocols and low-level sockets because this technology helps quite exceptionally in the development of real-time applications. Yes, the developers will help you have your need for real-time application covered in a very quick span of a time period. In fact, the time taken to bake a cake is the time a developer takes to build a real-time application with the help of this technology. The Node.js framework dominates when it comes to mobile application development and one can have this needs covered in the form of gaming applications, chat applications and more.

The need for multi-user facility is exclusively covered with the help of an event loop which comes through web socket protocol. This runs on TCP which ignores any kind complications during web application development process.

Wrapping Up

These are the reasons why one must always consider using Node.js developers for their needs of web application development services. You can always get connected with custom software development company who can assist you with the best of facilities in covering your needs of applications and website development services. Not only you will be assisted with the benefits mentioned above but also it brings inefficiency which can help your business succeed even in the toughest of competition.

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