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Still, Today Many small and medium-sized businesses consider website and facebook pages as the prime tool for digital business. It has been observed that nowadays, these tools are outdated.

In this modern world, digital media holds a very prominent place in people’s lives. Everybody is now interested in doing business online and making apps for selling products and services.

Though, many small and medium-sized businesses still consider website and facebook pages as the prime tool for digital business. It has been observed that nowadays, these tools are outdated. 


With the advancement in technology and science, there is not only a luxury but a need of doing business digitally. Most of the businesses give the responsibility of making apps to mobile application development companies so that the application stays apt and fulfill the requirements of the company.

It was a notion that mobile apps are only for big businesses like Walmart, Amazon, etc. but this is not true. It is a fact that more and more small businesses are coming up with their apps and following the mobile trend.

Businesses have understood that there is an effective mobile strategy other than running mobile-friendly websites which may have limitless possibilities.

Mobile applications act as an effective marketing tool for promotion, selling and buying goods and help to reach a global level of the audience. It increases the area of operation of a particular business exponentially.

Some of the business people still think that developing an application by giving the project to a mobile application development company is an expensive and unnecessary tool for marketing. It has been observed through records that doing the same increases the small businesses and provide a boom to their customer base, drive sales and reputation in digital as well as the real-world market.

Let's take a look at some stats, which can blow a positive gong in your mind:

  • The mobile apps are likely to generate a revenue of around $190 billion by 2020.
  • There are around 2.2 million apps in the Apple app store.
  • More than 21 percent of millennial opens an app 50+ times per day.
  • The number of tablet users has doubled for the last six years.
  • Around 90 percent of the time is spent over mobile apps.

They provide discounts, notifications and offers to customers so that the customers might find them useful for shopping or taking any kind of service from them.

Some major reasons for developing business apps are as follows 1. Visible to customers 24X7

The visibility of an app matters a lot. There are two major platforms, that holds the supremacy in the market.

If your marketing analytics says, that your users make use of android mobile phone, opting for android application development services is the recommended option. The business having the majority of customers having iphone, developing the iOS app is the best choice.

Having the app online enables the customers to view it all the time and thus the customer gets enough time to decide what product or service to buy, unlike physical stores where there is a lot of mess and a limited time to search and think.

 2. Product promotion becomes easier

It has been observed that companies which have a mobile application with them have a better impression as compared to the company which doesn’t. Frequent updates, good designs, and interactive interface make the app more interesting and its promotions can be done easily.

A good and simple mobile application attracts a lot of customers. iPhone is the sensitive platform with its number of criteria.

Contacting the custom iOS application development company can ensure a healthy app. It can also save a huge amount of money spent on other ways of promotion such as newspapers, billboards, brochures, etc.

3. Engage with huge number of customers

With the help of mobile apps, it has been possible to interact with the customers in real-time. Customers can give feedback, file complaints against damaged or poor goods and services, suggest innovative ideas and whatnot.

Customers can be engaged by promotion or by simply conducting an opinion poll. This gives a lot of ideas regarding their needs, requirements, and expectations regarding the business.

4. Creates a direct marketing channel

This is one of the biggest benefits of the creation of apps. Mobile applications give all the necessary information about the business like opening and closing times, promotions, offers, sales, and yearly discounts, new arrivals, etc that are just a click away from the customers.

Application development creates a direct marketing channel and thus does not require additional marketing channels for promotions. Mobile application development companies give the feature of push notifications which allows the users to get notified whenever any particular offer or promotion is launched in the app by the company.

5. Provides value to the customers

Mobile applications can also be used to digitize the loyalty programs. Instead of using a physical card and remembering it to take every time the customer wants to redeem his/her points, he/she can easily store it in the app and show it at the time of billing.

This also helps the customer to be accountable for the records and payments are done with the help of a loyalty card and prove to be very beneficial for both the customer and the goods or service provider.

6. Builds up a brand

Building an application helps in increasing the reputation in the market. And increase in reputation is the key and basic tool that helps in building up a brand.

A mobile app can be used as a giant billboard which can be used to design and modify as per the ideas of a business person by hire app developer who codes the ideas into a runtime environment. It can be attractive, informative, functional and can have features which are generally loved by the public.

It increases the level and makes the company reach the brand level and stand out from others. The more numbers of customers get involved in the app, the more the app and the business is recognized, the sooner they will get attracted to the service or product.

This theory of advertising is called effective frequency which increases the numbers of customers by leaps and bounds.

7. Expansion of customer base

Making the app with the help of any android application development company and putting it in the app store automatically enlarges the customer base of the product or service from a restricted area to all around the world. Once the app is properly advertised, there are huge possibilities that the app will reach a comparatively larger number of people and if there is something innovative and interesting about the application, people will definitely recognize it and start using it.

In this way, the customer reach gets expanded exponentially.

Final Words

Thus, it is important to decide and monitor the changing areas of interest of the customers and work according to it, to be updated and recognize a name in this world of competing businesses. Mobile apps are the long-surviving, and robust business transaction you will make.

The truest suggestion for the business owners is to understand the difference between investment and expenditure, were developing a mobile app is a perfect investment.

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