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List of Android features that have been inspired from Apple

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Today, the extent of technological development has addressed the basic issues of people’s life. The people are habituated to the advanced state of information and communication system.

With the exponential growth of research and development, many other innovations came into existence. Here, one among these is Mobile and mobile applications.

The high proliferation and consistent penetration of mobile users lionized its importance in the contemporary global marketplace. It has a global positive and effective impact.

Furthermore, Mobile app mobile development solutions patronized a new type of Infrastructure.

Mobile applications are used by people for contacting friends to file content management.


In between millions of mobile applications unwanted and visible competition can be well interpreted. Thousands of applications being uploaded every day introduced to App Store and PlayStore.

Ironically, few of them come to flourish. The fundamental reason behind their passive or voluminous results is an approach.

All the stakeholders have to manage roadmap with current trends and demand. A particular mobile application associated with a predetermined targeted market segment and USP would ensure an ideal market reputation.

But here the challenges knock at the door. Actually nowadays android has been more vocal about the comparison with Apple.

No doubt Apple yielded an enormous reputation and loyal users. Meanwhile, we can’t eschew the fact of copied features of the iPhone by android.

It has ignited the series of successive developments close to the standards and technology of the iPhone.The quality integration of mobile devices, the process hire an android app developer and its objectivity ensures a flawless roadmap. 

1. User Interface & Features

Since the inception of the iPhone, it is using the same basic layout. In a broader sense, the iPhone has accentuated its existence with the same basic layout since 2007.

Every Android development company has pooled together to counter it’s a nemesis. But it executed with copying the similar user interface for their phones.

The functionality that keeps iPhone ahead has been attempted to be replicated. Furthermore, some Android manufacturers have also restlessly engaged in leveraging it with other similar features of the iOS framework.

In this series, stock apps and status bar of iOS have also been targeted on custom Android skins. The “Portrait Mode' is among all prominent features for iPhone that has also found on Android smartphones. 

2. Notch

Undoubtedly, Apple nurtured its acclivity with consistent R&D. It resulted in prospective growth.

The notch on Apple’s iPhone has been designed for a three-dimensional sensing camera. Similarly, Android app development servicesor manufacturers have also been exemplifying the notch to their mobile devices comprising an 18:9 aspect ratio display.

Android is encasing it so vividly and successfully added new buyers. Although Apple has been censured for the notch while others copied it jovially.

Removing the headphone jack

While peregrinating adroitly on a planned roadmap, Apple would have taken away further opportunities if it was not followed or copied. Apart from copying the notch it introduced, it removed the headphone Jack with its launch of new series.

That has been astonishing to watch, how would the buyer react to it. Far beyond that calculation, Android manufacturers came close and ditched the headphone, Jack.

If you explore any profound reason behind it, that would be either aesthetics or a sublime symphony of Apple. It may be more charismatic to watch every successive in iPhones except the way it has been adopted by Android manufacturers. 


Apple has been assiduously and restlessly working towards making the iPhone perfect since its inception. Every year it comes up with desirability and commitments of introducing a new feature-laden version.

The updates set an active trend in the marketplace, usually followed by android app development services. No doubt, it works towards incorporating the enriched and immersive design.

As soon as it lands design on the marketplace, it activates the synchronization of all intellectuals at one place for copying it again. Android manufacturers have brought a blend of design by copying jewel-like camera bump.

Yet not all devices hovering around are homogeneous But what is most phenomenal to watch is the way it has been copied either unknowingly or intentionally. 


Face Unlock and Animoji 

When Apple first introduced the Touch ID sensor, it was not incidental, it was a meticulous development and innovation. It used a three-dimensional depth sensor for authenticating and unlocking the user’s mobile.

As time sweated out android phones from budget to high range copied it. There is neither any kind of prohibition nor a orthodox methodology to not adapt successive advancements whether it has bestowed due to competition Similarly, today's face unlocking feature, a result of Apple’s R&D leverages users with security features.

While most of the mobile app development solutions companies keep fighting with low lighting conditions that make it inaccessible, Apple uses Animoji. It makes it easier to unlock your phone while using the face recognition feature even in low light.

Not to be left behind, Samsung introduced it’s AR emoji quite similar to Apple's Animoji. 


The consistent research and development have significantly addressed the trends. The constructive approach and more competitive methodology are yielding good results Now when the user comes across the choice between iPhone or Android, they need not be compromised.

The basic reason to hire android app developer has been the effectual and targeted advancements. For the last two decades, it withered away from the unwanted barrier.

Soon, these consistent efforts and contemplating developments would be more proliferated.

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