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List of top Node.js frameworks widely used by the node.js developers that you opt for your next project

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In the last few years, the high proliferation of front end languages is accelerating web development.

Indeed, the developers have not refrained from a single language. Due process of its development comprises a quality process.

Furthermore, the web application framework is interpreted as a combination of helpers,  libraries, and tools. These would provide an ideal way of building and running web applications.


The existing wide spectrum options of advanced programming languages doesn't limit to front-end. Now, the extensively used and enriched open-source server Node.js makes a difference.

It allows running JavaScript on the server. To develop flexible and high-speed network applications, it is built on the JavaScript runtime.

Node js development company is preferred to develop single-threaded asynchronous programming and highly scalable network applications expeditiously.

1) Express.JS

It is known for its fast, flexible and minimal MVC ( Model View Controller)Node.js framework. It has extensive reach due to a powerful collection of unique features.

The features patronize mobile and web app development. In a broader perspective its a  set of routing, providing a nifty process.

It considers the high performance, HTTP helpers and patronizes robust routing. It supports content negotiation, and several template engines, etc.

Additionally, it is better to hire node.js developer to utilize many smooth to use HTTP utility methods. It further augments the quality of functions and middleware, that enables developers to write API easily and expeditiously.

2) Meteor.js

Meteor.js is another name in the node.js framework. It is popularized to build modern mobile and web applications as its an ultra-simple full-stack node.js framework.

It is effectively compatible with the iOS, Android, and web or desktop. It makes it possible to integrate a curated set of packages, a building tool and key collections of technologies for connected -client reactive apps from the node.js.

3) is a library for real-time web applications. It is a module built-in Node and it can be installed in a Node application.

Additionally, it is a quick and creditworthy full-stack framework to build real-time applications. It promisingly makes an effective application.

It is designed for real-time bidirectional event-based communication. The support extends for the support for disconnection detection, multiplexing, binary, auto-reconnection, and rooms.

The less complex and convenient API makes it possible to hire app developer, who works efficiently on every platform.

4) Koa.js

Koa.js is among the popularized web frameworks. It is also successfully created by the developers behind Express.

It's quite a smaller, powerful and expressive foundation to develop APIs and web applications. The fundamental objective aims to morphing into a more minimalist and modern version of Express.

It gives a substantial reason to hire app developer which offers an edge above others by employing sync functions and promises.


MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular(6) and Node) known as the cross platform and open-source framework for JavaScript. A pre-determined and nifty approach to hire Javascript developer is suggestive.

Additionally, building dynamic and quality web applications possible with its end-to-end framework. The feature-laden platform also extolled for its cost-effective and highly scalable architecture.

It's among other Node.js frameworks that are built on Express.

6) Nest.js

It's a versatile and flexible framework to build efficient and server-side applications. In a broader sense, Nest offers a unique application architecture.

It makes it possible for the developers to create a loosely coupled, easily maintainable, wondrous and highly scalable applications. It encapsulates elements of FP (Functional Programming), OOP (Object Oriented Programming),  and FRP (Functional Reactive Programming).

It's a perfect and dedicated framework to built enterprise-level applications.

7) Sails.js

It’s a real-time Model View Controller (MVC). It's built on Express. It further supports easy Websocket integration, auto-generated REST APIs.

It has empowered with all premier features that make it compatible with the need for modern apps. It also ratchets up the factors influencing the decision to hire node js developer.

Additionally,  it's effectively compatible with iOS, Android, Angular, React, Windows Phone and other custom hardware.

8) interprets itself another widely used Node.js framework. It consists of a dynamic API explorer and easy to use CLI.

It is well designed to make enable developers to set up models with no interruptions and create REST APIs. The developers are assisted by it in creating various models.

Further, the compatibility it possesses, extents with varieties of a database covering MongoDB, Postgres, Oracle, MySQL and more.

9) Feathers.js

Feathers.js is known as a real-time architecture pattern making easy to create real-time applications and scalable REST APIs.In other words, it's an architecture specifically designed to write scalable REST APIs with no issues. It's also built on Express. It portrays itself as a preferential option for node js development company due to its easy integration with React, Angular or  VueJS.

The flexible optional plugins are also supported for authorization and authentication in apps

10) Keystone.js

The range also demystifies the role of Keystone.js. It's a lightweight, flexible, open-source and extensible framework.

It's built on MongoDB and Express. The developers are free to use their compatible features.

It also supports form processing,  session management, and database building blocks.


Almost three decades of the internet, the languages used as the support system has become a reliable platform for the development of web application. With time, the development of applications is encompassing an efficacious route.

The accessibility and acceptability of these languages empowered developers with more advanced features. Node.js the Right Way is the right way to get a fast start with modern server-side JavaScript programming.

It goes far beyond the basic mechanics of JavaScript and Node and shows you what goes into making a quality server-side application. Now changing methodology advocates to hire javascript developer.

The world of Node.js is still expanding rapidly.

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