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Ionic Vs React Native: Which Is The Perfect Fit To Develop Robust Mobile Apps

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Modern Mobile applications are made using cross-platform technologies. With the help of these technologies, the applications are able to run on multiple platforms.

You can build native as well as hybrid applications. The native apps run on a single platform for example if your application is native to Android then it will run only on Android devices. The hybrid applications are a cumulation of web and native applications and they run on cross platforms. If you are planning to hire React Native app developers, you need to learn the basic features provided by this app framework. In this article, we will tell you about the two major application frameworks namely React Native and Ionic. We are going to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each framework in order to make your work simpler.


You should prefer to get custom mobile application developmentfor your business application in order to build a quality application design. It should be benefitting for your company as well as friendly to your targeted users.



This application framework is open source and it was developed in the year 2012. You can use a variety of programming languages in order to make a hybrid application using the ionic framework. CSS, HTML5, JavaScript. It is similar to native. The tools provided in the ionic framework are developer-friendly. The applications made using Ionic provides high performance. With Cordova and PhoneGap the framework includes the required native application features.

This helps in making successful Android, IOD and Windows applications. The custom mobile application development is quite smooth and fast. It provides a great user interface and the front end and the tools are rich in nature. They help in creating amazing native and web applications. It uses TypeScript.

Benefits of Ionic Framework

Ionic has come with a newer Ionic 3 .0 version which makes it a real-time error monitor, live updates for the applications and a great library of tools. The Ionic framework is created with an idea to build unique and user-friendly applications.

With the support of the Ionic community, the developers are able to make better use of their skills. It is pretty easy for a developer to understand the usage of the Ionic framework. The code written for Android can also be used for other platforms.

React Native

The React Native Framework was founded in the year 2015 and it is famously known as a reactive application framework. This framework is widely used around the globe by the IT professionals for developing some great IOS and Android mobile applications. This is just about the trends. But talking about its quality features then we have a lot to talk about React Native. React Native is an application framework that helps in building cross-platform applications. The code needs to be written once or the application and then the application can be utilized at various platforms. It is a JavaScript framework.

Benefits over others

The React Native FRamework comes with a bunch of features that make it the best application for creating robust mobile applications. This way you can create such an application that will benefit your business in a number of ways. If not talking just from the business purposes, we should discuss the overall benefits of the React Native framework first.


  • Developers: Looking upon the benefits of React Native from the point of view of developers, then this language is pretty easy to learn. Anyone who contains the basic knowledge of programming can learn this application framework usage easily.
  • Component-Based: The debugging becomes easier with React Native because it used simple JavaScript. The code is quite precise and predictable along with a declarative view that further brings ease to the development and maintenance.
  • Business: This framework contains smooth functions and makes the writing of Javascript easier. You get to create a website that runs on multiple platforms and has a trouble-free nature. Its easy nature provides efficiency to web application developers and they provide high performance.

It is Your Time Saviour

  • Learn Once: You can utilize the knowledge of creating the application using React Native for the Android platform at the IOS platform as well. This makes it a time savior. Thus, the developers can fall in love with such frameworks where they learn once and implement them at multiple platforms.
  • Reusability of Components: You can reuse the components created using the React Native and this saves you from writing the coding again.
  • Subcomponents are rendered fast: It contains the react frameworks- JavasScript+ JSX. JSX enables easier HTML tag syntax with its simpler HTML quoting.
  • Changed Components and Nothing Else: If you make any changes in the project then you need to provide only the changes components and not the complete data.

The developer might face some problems while using the React Native framework because it is a new technology and it does contain some drawbacks. There are certain features that are not supported by IOS and Android. It also depends on individual preferences. Therefore it becomes imperative for you to hire React Native developers who have experience with the framework.

The Mobile app development services should be such that the developers maintain your mobile application even after the development process gets done. A React Native App Development Company must be in a developing period as of now since the framework is new and is improving regularly.


Through this article, we learned about the basic differences between the two famous application frameworks that are React Native and Ionic. The coding in React Native is based on JavaScript which makes the debugging process easier. Everything is quite predictable and comprehensive. The companies providing Mobile app development services for IOS and Android can help you provide React Native components to create customized Android and IOS mobile applications. React Native gives you the freedom to try new features in your ongoing project to stay experimental at your skills. You can get the best Return on Investment if you hire React Native app developersand have a goal behind your mobile application.

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