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How Image Recognition is Transforming the Businesses in Various Verticals

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Artificial Intelligence brings a lot of potential for different sectors. AI is revolutionizing industries with a voice interface and shopping chatbots. The involvement of the AI is helping the eCommerce sector to drastically transform the customer experience.

Image recognition in eCommerce is a game-changer that enables consumers to find what they want via smart devices. This helps the brands to strengthen their visibility and improve their offerings to attract more users. It is estimated that the image recognition market will rise to $25.65 billion by 2019.

Ecommerce with image recognition is trying to bridge the gap between the customer and brand experience. Visual/Image recognition in this field is drastically making many advancements with AI-backed visual search utilities.

As consumers are looking for a more personalized experience, huge retailers are trying to improve their service by offering the most relevant items to a potential buyer. Overcoming the tedious commerce pattern they are trying to engage their customers with image recognition solutions.


Potential of image recognition

Potential Customers with a smartphone can potentially search the product for the image classification.

With the boom in smartphones, this technology is becoming more and more popular. Image classification would allow the customer to take a photo using their smartphone so that product search will be made more efficient. A product can be easily looked for with an image across online marketplaces.

E-commerce: Image recognition is helping E-commerce businesses to offer a seamless experience with image recognition technology. With a picture the user scans through millions of options available and recommends in the e-commerce platform. Developing an Artificial Intelligence Visual Search mobile app to utilize big E-commerce products. The business can amplify the E-commerce experience with thousands of products.

Healthcare: Image Recognition is assisting the medical field in the creation of superimposed computer-generated images for better outcomes. The technology uses the visual cue of diseases or illnesses in real-time and estimates the tendency of the disease. The surgeons can diagnose the patient’s wounds after the projection of the image.

Food and Beverage: Mobile app employed with image recognition can get visual images to analyze them and offer refined data. With a mobile app-enabled with image, recognition can help the customer to reach the nearest food place. Café can use it for the frequent visitor by providing attractive image searches to the customers. Based on the photos the users can visit the closest restaurant.

Business Process Administration: Advanced image recognition technology can be used for a better identification process in any size of business. During business operations, image recognition solutions can provide Face ID identification to grant access to the user. Based on the operation the business can access the user’s document storages to determine the authenticity of the concerned person.

Education: Image recognition is best in the education sector that allows students in many ways. The technology adds more fun and increases more retention rate. Mobile apps with image recognition can offer text-to-speech and image-to-speech for better student’s assistance. The students can take their imagination to the next level with image recognition.

Final thoughts

Image recognition is used by eCommerce to their vast and dynamic product catalog. Doing so implement, automate routine and eliminate the tedious work with a focus on more quality work of content creation. Thus, image recognition being used by e-commerce in various ways that can be helpful to expand the business in the near future. Image recognition is used in interactive marketing these days in various verticals. Use this interactive technology to present your brand enabled with image-based campaigns.

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