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Does An Event Company Require Mobile Apps?

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One can not disagree with the fact stating that smartphones are the future. Since the day the computer invented, its size has only gotten smaller. Now we are able to hold this mini form of computers in the palms of our hands.

Surpassing browsing on the desktop computer, mobile browsing became the main source of computing for us. But how all of this can help in event management? It can help, since it is quite clear that mobile apps will be the source of interaction for the attendees, in fact, it has even become so.

Therefore, as you are an event planner, so you must definitely wish to render the utmost experience to all your attendees. This arises the need for on-demand application developmentfor event management.

It will make the job of planning the event much less stressful.


The statistics mentioned below will support the cause of an event company having mobile apps:

  • With the help of such event management apps, around 91% of all the event planners witnessed a positive Return of Income(RIO).
  • Events that are powered with the help of event planning applications, generate a 42% increased impression on the social media platforms in comparison to the ones that are not.
  • Event management mobile apps have been found helpful in increasing the attendee engagement, by almost 60% out of all the event planners
  • Around 46% of event planners or more, accepted this fact that more than 10 events each year are planned by them.
  • About 88% of attendees of events agree that accessing event schedules as well as the meetings are significant in on-demand app development for event management.

Reasons signifying the importance of event management mobile application

Mentioned below are the reasons that state how developing mobile applications for event management is beneficial. Let us go through them one by one:

1. Organize the team

With the help of an event planning platform or an application, you will be able to avoid all the miscommunication and get the team organized, moreover, facilitate them and yourself effective collaboration. Usually, there are several people involved in the organization of an event, this includes the event managers, the admin, the onsite coordinator as well as the email marketer.

The app for event management will make sure that all the communication taking place is clear, and tasks are being properly assigned plus the work is finished within the given time frame. And you, on the other hand, get to track the progression of the entire event, since you will be able to see all the information and updates right there on the dashboard.

2. Helps to increase sales of tickets

To increase the number of attendees to the event, you will need to present an eye-catching landing page to the viewer. After all, the homepage or the landing page is the one from where all the potential attendees of your event will get their first impression from and decide as to whether they should buy the tickets or they should not.

And what makes the good event planning app successful, is the customizability of it. From the various types of available tickets to all the forms as well as the landing page, each and everything must be customizable.

Therefore, an eTicketing portal developmentshould take place in order to make it easy for the attendees to purchase the tickets easily without much to do.

3. Amplify attendee engagement

If you are someone new to the field of event management then you surely must be wondering how to increase the engagement of your attendees? When someone buys a ticket, he/she becomes the registrant. But this alone does not guarantee that the person will attend the event.

This is true, especially for the free events. Therefore, the best thing to do in such a scenario is to keep all the registrants engaged.

And the event management mobile application is what you need for this purpose. With the help of the mobile application, you will be able to send the scheduled messages, and newsletters, and teasers as well as reminders to all your registrants in order to make these registrants your attendees.

4. Automatic check-in

Have you not deployed the mobile check-in program for the attendees of your event? Well, it is indeed high time for you to do so. As it is without any doubt a great thing to do to acquire the information of all the attendees for the event even if the event being organized is public.

But what about the other things, for example, the attendees that come at the last minute, or the attendees online, and the attendees who wish to purchase wares and those registrants who still have not paid – and on top of everything, handle all of this together at the main time? At such times, an event management application will be your life-saver. With a Ticket Booking App Developmentthe mobile check-in feature can be used to solve the mentioned problems and along with some self-service type of digital kiosks, one does not need to fret concerning check-ins, which used to become a headache in various big events.

5. Managing multiple events smoothly

Yes, this is possible. With the help of an eTicketing portal development or event management application, you can manage a number of events simultaneously. After you have completed planning the strategy, you will be able to set up the workflows as well as automate the executions of the task.

And for this, you only need to input the updates as well as the data and then monitor the on-goings of the events plus keep in-check the analytics.


There is definitely no doubt about the benefits of the on-demand application development for event management. In fact, it has become one integral part of it.

Therefore, it will be greatly beneficial for your start-up in the field of event management and planning. Also, if you wish to stay in the industry’s competition, then you must get on-demand app development for your event management company.

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