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How to Hire e-wallet app Developers and How much does it cost to hire an e-wallet app developer

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Nowadays, almost every service has become digitalized. For anything, we need to only look over to our phone for a solution whether it is food or hiring a taxi or ordering some grocery or tech items.

We are able to find everything with just a few taps on our smartphone. This change in the lifestyle and the way we do things has brought about a drastic change in the technological world as well.

Many jobs have come up in the field of technology and that too especially for developers of various mobile and web applications. 

The high use of electronic devices for payment has invited a cashless contribution to the economy. The cashless transactions are further supported by the ewallets and digital wallets. 

The digital wallets are a healthy way of saving the money in the digital medium instead of a pocket.

The millennials are utilizing the benefits of ewallets and digiwallets and therefore the many apps also need to be in the market.

For the creation of ewallet software development, we need developers who can build this application seamlessly which is in high demand these days. Also, this is one of the most developing industries that are in demand by each and every institute and organization of finance and employers of payment and fee gateway.

The few examples of ewallet app development are Paypal and Paytm where later has over 350 million registered patrons. And even greater examples are WeChat Pay and Alipay who has over 600 million and 400 million users all across the world.

This clearly shows the vast expansion of e-wallet software. And all of this has definitely affected our day-to-day lives as well.

But it is needless to say that this is one of the requirements of today’s time and of the time to come as well.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to creating such an application then you are bound to become successful. But you will need to take in stride all the technical requirements as well as the best and basic features that your e-wallet application should in order to strive in the competitive market.

This is why here we will tell you about the features that you need to include in your app and the approximate cost of the developers for the same.

Features to include in your ewallet app design

Here we will tell you about the features that you need to include in your e-wallet. Now as to answer your riddle of “How to hire e-wallet app developers?” go through these features deeply.

This is is because these are the features that you need your developer to create for your app so when you hiring the developers ask them if they can develop these features along with other more features as well.

Analyze their technical knowledge and experience and the skills that they have. Do they have the required set of skills needed for the development and creation of an e-wallet application for mobile phones? Do they have any experience or successful projects to show you their work and skills?

If the answers to these questions are positive then you can go ahead to hire the developer or the ewallet app development companyNow lets us give you the detail of the basic features to be included.

  1. Features for the User
  2. User Registration
  3. Connecting the back account
  4. Add Money
  5. Transfer Funds
  6. Recharge Mobiles or Pay Bills
  7. History
  8. Booking Tickets
  9. Shopping
  10. Discounts and offers
  11. Supports multiple languages

User Registration

This feature is required to enable the user for creating his account in order to use the app. This feature should allow the user to create an account with the help of the email id or credentials of the social media account.

Connecting the back account

Users will need to connect their bank account with the app in order to make transactions.

Add Money

The users will need an option through which they can add money to the application. So this is the very basic and most important feature.

Transfer Funds

It will make the app more useful for the users if they can transfer money to their friends or family for them to carry out the transaction. The wallet app developers are more in the interest of making the app friendly.  

Recharge Mobiles or Pay Bills

This is the purpose of the app to let the users pay bills or recharge their mobile phones, etc. Doing all of this with a simple app is the motto.


All the transactions made by the user should be available as a record to the user for future reference. They should also be able to search for a transaction they made.

Booking Tickets

Along with paying bills and recharging their mobile phones, users should also be able to book tickets for their trips or for movies, etc. This increases the usability of the app.


This is one of the other most useful features to include in your wallet app design. The convenience of shopping with the help of an app can increase the number of people wanting to use your app.

Discounts and offers

Providing your customers regularly with offers or discounts will push them to use your app more and they might recommend it to their friends as well. This feature should be available on the merchant’s side along with many others.

Supports multiple languages

Your app should be accessible in different languages in order to be used by people all across the world. Many of your clients will use it in English but there will others who would prefer to use the app in their own language.

These were some of the basic features that you would need to include in your wallet app development for all types of users, be it, merchants or consumers. So this was the basic account of the features that the developer you are looking forward to hire must know how to create.

How much does it cost to develop ewallet app?

The cost of wallet app development comes somewhere between $50,000 to $125000 depending upon the type of features you want to include. And this includes the cost of developers.

Therefore, you can get an idea of the price that the developers might cost you. It can be clearly around $25000 to $100000.

Summing it up

So, here we discussed all how the technologies have impacted our lives and are shaping the future ahead with the applications such as e-wallet. Then we discussed what to look for in a developer and what are the basic features to be included in your e-wallet.

And lastly, we got an idea of the cost for the development of an e-wallet mobile application along how much does it cost to hire wallet app developer.

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