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Take a minute to think about how many times you use an app in a day. The number’s pretty high, isn’t it? This is precisely why mobile app development is becoming more and more important every single day. Businesses all over the world have recognized this, and have decided to invest in mobile marketing, which has significantly increased the need for mobile app development services world over. 

However, it’s necessary to make sure to build apps that are mobile-compatible. How do you this? You could start by using the right programming language. If you’re looking to know more about the various programming languages out there, read on. 

1. Swift

When it comes to mobile app development, Swift is a programming language that’s unlike any other. Released by Apple Inc. in 2014, it’s the primary programming language used for iOS mobile app development. 

However, Swift isn’t exclusive to Apple—it’s gradually making its way to Linux as well. What’s great about this programming language is that its open source, and fun to work on. Here are some more reasons why you should consider Swift when developing a mobile application: It’s simpler to read— it eliminates the need for legacy conventions

• Fewer codes are required

• Maintenance is really easy, as it unifies Objective-C’s two-file system

• It lets developers check their code without having to develop the entire app

2. Java

Java is probably one of the most popular programming languages out there for mobile app development and is used by a number of mobile app development services. Android OS, which is a widely used operating system, is written in Java; and so, if an app developer is well-versed with Java, then they’ll be able to create all kinds of Android apps. 

Besides Android apps, developers familiar with Java can develop games, embedded space, websites, server apps, and more. Moreover, Java can either be run in a browser window or in a virtual machine that does not require a browser. This is why it’s an extremely flexible programming language in terms of reusing code. Here are some of the key features of Java that help make mobile app development much simpler:

• It can be used to develop cross-platform apps

• Its language is object-oriented

• APIs are supported

• Coding is made easy thanks to strong IDEs

3. Python

The creation of almost any type of mobile app can be done with Python. Used by a host mobile app development services, it’s one of the more complex programming languages out there but is also one of the most popular. Although it’s considered to be high-level and powerful, it’s quite simple to read, and really easy to learn. 

Wondering how powerful Python is? Well, some of the world’s most famous apps and websites have been created with it. Some of these include Dropbox, Instagram, Quora, Spotify, YouTube, and BitTorrent. In short, Python is a convenient programming language that has great potential in terms of mobile app development. Here’s why: 

• GUI applications are supported

• Works on Mac, Unix, Windows, and Linux

• It’s scalable

• Its language is object-oriented and interactive

4. PHP

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source programming language that is also server-side. Although developed way back in 1995, PHP is still widely used today. It’s mainly used for the purpose of developing websites that are dynamic. 

However, along with PHAP, developers can create entire iOS, Androids as well as Windows apps. In addition to this, Facebook apps, e-commerce websites, WordPress and Joomla plugins, can all be created in PHP. Here are a couple of reasons why PHP is pretty great for mobile app development:

• It’s a platform that’s independent

• It’s got a number of uses

• It’s compatible with multiple servers

• It makes real-time access monitoring available 

5. Ruby

Did you know that you only need 10 minutes to create an app on Ruby? Pretty impressive, right? It’s the answer to why mobile app development services everywhere love this programming language. Furthermore, Ruby is one of the fastest growing ones out there, as it is able to support a multitude of platforms. 

However, when it comes to mobile app development, creating an app on Ruby requires the usage of frameworks like RubyMotion and Rhodes. By availing the services of either of these frameworks, a developer can build apps for many platforms, such as Android, Windows, iOS, as well as OS X. Many popular websites have been coded on Ruby. These include Basecamp, Airbnb, Pixlr, Bloomberg, and more. Wondering what makes Ruby so brilliant? Here are some of its extraordinary features include the following: 

• It allows you to use existing codes

• Dynamic typing is supported

• Anyone can code using it

• It includes object-oriented language

6. HTML5

Want to create a web-fronted app for mobiles? HTML5 is your best bet. Although it’s a proposed standard, it’s mobile app development services find this programming language to be pretty convenient. This is because, HTML5 allows developers to easily insert a variety of data types, as well as takes into account different screen sizes, levels the browser-playing field, and elucidates input parameters. 

Moreover, HTML5 gives mobile app developers the advantage of building apps on the current version of HTML. This makes coding way simpler, as developers don’t have to learn a whole new language, which makes mobile app development on HTML5 much quicker, and more convenient. Did you know that Google Drive is coded in HTML5? Well, it’s just one amongst hundreds. What follows, are a couple of perks that HTML5 brings to the table: 

• It’s responsive to different designs

• It has the benefit of cross-browser support

• It comes with drag-and-drop

• Audios and videos are supported by it

7. C++

C++ is basically an extension of the C and is an object-oriented programming language. C++ may sound old school, but there’s still a huge demand for it. It’s a pretty powerful programming language that is used for mobile app development. As it allows developers to create apps across a variety of platforms, it has never ceased to be popular. 

In addition to this, it comes with a consolidated debugging experience. This allows for the creation of brilliant apps for a range of operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. That’s not all— some of the most well-known games, apps, and browsers have been created using C++.These include World of Warcraft, Google Chrome, PayPal, Photoshop, and Amazon. Following, are a couple of reasons why you should consider this convenient programming language when it comes to mobile app development: 

• It’s portable

• It’s got a huge library

• It’s faster than most other programming languages

• Its simplicity makes it very convenient

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