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Educational App Development: Cost to Make an Educational App

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Educational App Development. interact between teaching methods and the students by emerging technologies whet the appetite. Lifelong learning trend makes it worth.…t="335" />

Educational apps are a gift from heaven for many parents/carers, teachers and children. While they just "play a game", children learn everything, they are immediately corrected for a wrong answer and they can continue to practice at their own level.

The popularity of the apps means that more and more companies are developing these so-called Edu apps. They are often free. But, as we learned earlier, the sun rises for nothing.

And so free is never really free. Commercial educational apps, in particular, are full of temptations and barriers that make you want or have to spend money while playing.

Some apps also fish for personal information.

Several schools and publishers see the benefits of an app. Do you want to develop an educational app for your institution to interact between teaching methods and the students? Choose the best mobile app development company .

They will assist you in the development of an educational application.

You can have an educational app developed on different platforms - iOS (iPad & iPhone), Android, and Hybrid.

Cost to develop an educational application:

The hourly rate of an application developer in India varies between $25 to $50 per hour. A quotation can be made based on the estimate of the number of hours a developer needs.

Furthermore, every platform means a new development process. If an app developer is working 50 hours for Android App Development , then you can take into account that another 50 hours of development time is added if you want the same app for iOS or a different platform.

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