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How to Build Your App without Any Programming Knowledge?

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Those were old days when you were required to have advanced coding skills or enough money to hire an app developer to build your application. These days there are tools and businesses available in the market which provide easy, quick app development within a reasonable budget.

There are some popular names like Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace which let you create a website with just a drag-and-drop option. While using sites like Woocommerce and Shopify, you can easily develop a web store in no time

On the app creation front, there was no such availability but within the last few years, a drastic change is witnessed in this field. The emergence of a range of sites which allows app creation in no time has completely changed the scenario. Even, you don't need to have extensive computer skills, you just need to follow simple steps and within a few clicks a simple, information-based app will form.

Still, if you are willing to develop complex apps and games, you will be required to hire an app development company or app developer to write code and manage app development.

By using the sites we are talking about, you can create an app but won't be able to make millions. The application will add value to your business or website. But it is kind of a blessing if you have a content-based website or an online store, users can easily make purchases and go through your articles using an application.

Suppose you have created your app and now want to distribute or sell your creation. You are required to have the credentials of an app publisher. For this, you have to sign up at the Google Play store for the Android app using your Google account. There you will accept terms and pay a registration fee of $25. Similarly, for the iOS platform, you will repeat the process on the iTunes store and pay a registration fee of $99 using your Apple credentials. Other than the registration fee, Google and Apple both charge 30 percent of sales once your app gets published.

Now move ahead to the app development platforms we were talking about above.

App Development Platforms to Simplify Mobile Apps Creation 1. App Institute:


It is a user-friendly online app builder. The website asks for choosing a template based on your requirements before you start the app-building process. Your business goals can be selling stuff, earning loyalty or getting bookings. Post choosing the appropriate template that best represents your requirement. you step forward to modify your app by selecting proper categories such as “coffee shop”, “church” or “good cause.”

After doing so, AppInstitute allows you to enter your phone number on which a link of your pre-made app is sent so that you can personalize the app as per your business needs. Everything is good with AppInstitute but in terms of testing, you will find it slow and encounter sorts of complications while customization of the app. Still, this app builder provides facilities like a range of good videos and live chat services to serve your customers.

On the costing front, building apps with AppInstitute is pretty expensive. Its monthly plans vary from $40 to $115 per month. Using AppInstitute, developing an Android app costs $70 per month while to roll out an application for iOS platform you have to shell out $115 respectively.

2. AppyPie:


AppyPie is a web-based app builder available in the market with the tagline “Make an app, easy as pie”. Also, it goes accurately as per its tagline. To develop an app using this site, you don't need to follow a long process. With just a few clicks and less designing knowledge, you can whip out an app for your business. The process starts with choosing an app category which is followed by a basic layout that can further update by adding text, colours, photos, pages, media, links and more. Using this site that’s pretty responsive, you will have complete control over the flow and the architecture of the app.

AppyPie provides both free and paid premium plans. In the free plan, you can easily build an app and make changes only within 48 hours of app creation. Also, your application will showcase advertisements for AppyPie. On the other hand, for the paid plan, your expense range varies from $15, $30 to $50 per month. With the $15 plan, you can build an app for the Android platform while to develop apps for platforms like Apple and Microsoft, you have to shell out $50 per month.



As compared to AppyPie, AppMakr has a less smooth interface but provides ease of use. With AppMakr, you can easily build icon-based apps and avail yourself with a mock-up of a smartphone. Wherein you can make changes just by drag-and-drag of icons from a menu at the right. The apps built using AppMakr remain better at linking to content. You can check it just by dragging the ‘blog’ icon and you will be asked for entering your blog’s RSS feed address. Similarly, it works for the ‘news’ section. This platform is good if you already have a blog or website giving its way to mobile. You can customize icons, background images, and app architecture.

AppMakr offers both the free and paid version. With the free version, you can create an add-free mobile website. But to develop an Android-only app with AppMakr advertisements, you have to spend two dollars every month. By shelling out a sum of $39, you can create up to ten Android apps that can be deployed on any platform. It is available without AppMakr branding. With the expenditure of $99 per year, you can publish an Android app on the Google Play store or an iOS app on iTunes without any AppMakr branding.



Unlike others, GameSalad lets you create your own game. But before creating your game, you need to download a software GameSalad consisting of into your desktop. As company markets, GameSalad is capable of building a game within an hour. However, in reality, it takes a bit longer. GameSalad does not work on the drag-and-drop mechanism, so you have to spend some time learning about the uses of the system through watching tutorial videos.

Once your game is ready to publish, you have to shell out a sum of $29 as a registration fee to publish the game on all the major platforms including iOS and Android.


There's no problem if you don't know how to build an application. You don't need to learn to code or spend a huge amount on hiring app development companies. If you are willing to build a simple content-based web app or an online web store, there are several platforms available in the market which lets you develop your app just with the drag-and-drop feature. Also, you can deploy these applications on all the major platforms just by paying a certain amount on a monthly or yearly basis. 

But there are certain limitations and you can’t customize as appropriate as per your business needs. To resolve such complications you would definitely require the help of a qualified or experienced developer. You can hire an Indian app developer among the best app development companies in the world. The company with the help of a team of dedicated developers always remains ready to supply cost-effective business solutions based on your requirements.

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