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Social Commerce: Connect with consumers in an attention-grabbing way

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Social media is beyond social networking. The fast-growing impact of social media has become a buzzworthy new channel for brand and business. Social media's huge influence has built a potential platform for the audience to shop through social platforms.

Social media continues to offer intuitive opportunities for brands to connect with consumers worldwide. With such popularity, it is new and interesting ways of branding across a wide variety of platforms.

Currently, social commerce is considered as one of the hottest trends in social media. Businesses in various segments are positive for social commerce to embrace the new trend in 2020.

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Today consumers are using social media to learn more about products and brands. It has become a progressively important channel in online shopping platform. It’s adoption and practice is setting new hope for the social platforms in improving commerce capabilities.

Top platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have promoted their commerce offerings to their potential customers.

Buying a product on social media has become easy after adding buy buttons and digital wallets, for instance, so users can make direct purchases. Social media have been the inspiration for over decode influencing consumers' purchasing habits. According to the report, the number of social media users worldwide in 2019 was 3.5 billion and is expected to up 9% year-on-year.

Social commerce capabilities take off the business offering

Social networks have become important as well as information sources for making product choices.

Upsurge e-commerce momentum

Social commerce is offering the eCommerce business a way to enhance its e-commerce capabilities. Many platforms are working on built-in e-commerce projects to keep pace with the upstart social commerce trend. With this checkout feature, eCommerce companies can tackle the on-going challenge of providing an end-to-end in-app e-commerce user experience.

Partner with influencers and social communities

The sharing feature of the social platform is very powerful for any commerce business. In social media influencers and community can be the best aid to broadcast your business branding and services. These days many users share and recommend product sharing features that allow other people to know more about the products. The sharing feature helps the products to broadcast on behalf of the influencers and communities. This results in frictionless buying experience allowing the products to reach the end-users hassle-free.

Strengthen your marketing strategy

The businesses in commerce have the prime focus to reach the end-users via any source. The impact of social commerce allows users to view and buy the product on the same platform. Social commerce’s decisive goal is to offer a way to check out the site with a great experience. The best measurement of a social commerce marketing strategy is all about engaging the customer and marketing the products impressively.

Final words

Social commerce progressively making use of a multitude of channels while buying products online. Brands are looking to explore new possibilities to learn more about the customer as well as the market. Social commerce provides a consistent consumer experience to maintain customer retention rates.

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