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Is Flutter Likely To Replace Java For Android App Development?

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The evergreen industry of smartphones and applications has pushed the dynamics of Android application development services to a greater extent.

Gone are the days when limited development frameworks were used for the application buildup process. The present-day application development market has exponentially changed and with the phenomenal addition of various cross-platform application development frameworks, it is for sure that convenience is the priority.


One such platform is Flutter which is an open-source mobile application development framework mostly used for building cross-platform applications for iOS as well as Android. It seems that Flutter is an excellent platform and it could eventually replace the giant in the industry, Java. 

Develop an understanding with Flutter

Applications developed using this framework are capable of delivering ultimate user experience and help to quickly launch the application from multiple industries like e-commerce, health, shopping, food, and many more. Flutter has multiple qualities like it conducts a fast development process, has attractive visuals, cost-effectiveness. Flutter is considered as one of the most reliable solutions which are highly considered by theBest Android app development company.

The first version of the Flutter framework was earlier known as Sky ran on the Android operating system.

This community is active and there are multiple Flutter supporting kits and manuals to help the developers.

Why is Flutter popular?

It is highly into consideration for most of the Custom Android app development that Flutter can possibly replace Java. Also, there are multiple reasons that can support the cause for which Flutter is also becoming increasingly popular in comparison.

1. Productivity

Take an example, for developing an Android project it can take nearly 2 to 3 months’ time for lots of developers to create the first version for native. On the contrary, for any Flutter developer, they can easily create the same application at the same time. The amount of code in Flutter is also one third as compared to Java code.

2. Cross-platform

Lots of people have started believing that as compared to Java development services, Flutter gives better performance for native as well as Android and iOS services.

3. Dart is like Java

Dart is a compiled programming language and Flutter uses a different approach to maintain its performance and eliminate all the issues which may arise using JavaScript bridge. Dart allows Flutter to easily communicate with any specific platform without any JavaScript bridge which performs context switching. It can improvise and enhance the startup time of the application.

4. Applications with high performance

Flutter is an efficient framework which allows the developers orCustom Android app developmentprofessionals to get connected with the pattern of development and composition of the application. This is certainly not possible in Java. It is also advantageous because it can significantly increase the number of users for your application.

The mobile application development enterprises are adapting to this technology so that they can easily cope up with market flaws. Flutter is a framework which also takes care of customer requirements but prior to its adoption in technology, it is important to consider some of the major points.

  • Just framework has two pipes up with a swift framework and it is not entirely objective C for iOS platform
  • In order to conduct real adoption, it requires close gear.
  • Performance and user experience are mandatory for an active application.

Can Flutter replace Java?

According to some industry professionals, the Flutter framework is a strong and powerful contender for developing the applications and the reason for which it is an alternative for Java is that it can extremely simplify the process of development.

Flutter has lots of features which can highly assist enterprises or developers while creating iOS or Android application development services. it is entirely different from various other cross-platform services. Just like many other native applications, the Flutter platform also looks slick and has a native approach.

As Flutter has just established itself, it might have a tough competition ahead from other network development frameworks. Below mentioned are some of the factors which highlight the difference between Flutter and other cross-platform development frameworks.

  • Communication speed- Flutter obviously does not use JavaScript bridge for a communication interface between the application and mobile device. This means that it has less context switching and the application is compiled natively reducing the communication time.
  • 60 fps animations- Flutter can deliver the animations at the rate 60 fps SanDisk speed which can be achieved even in absence of JavaScript bridge. Other frameworks are not capable of delivering this performance.
  • Time compilation- When the Flutter framework is used ahead of time compilation it can compile the dart code natively to machine code. This feature saves plenty of time, disc space, battery life, startup time, memory and so on.
  • State full hot reload- This is one of the most exciting features of Flutter in which it uses just-in-time compilation and develops the applications with amazing speed. As soon as a developer changes the code they can easily see it within a few seconds after saving the code. This feature provided by Flutter is extremely convenient and recommended for the Best Android app development Company as with lightning-fast speed it can be a game-changer of the process.
  • Getting started- Starting the process with Flutter is too easy and the best part is that its documentation is extremely convenient. Creating your application for the first time with a Flutter framework is a lot easier as compared to Android Java.


As compared to Java development services, Flutter is obviously a newbie and its evolving framework has been quite different for the industry. However, some issues are indeed found in it which can limit the support for iOS or Android. Flutter framework can possibly reduce the application development time to a greater extent and it can also reduce the marketing time and make the journey suitable for everyone. But Flutter also has some of its own complications due to which it cannot be said for sure that it can replace Java completely.

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