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How do I build a car rental app, what features are mandatory? Basically, how do car rental apps work?

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Car rental applications are prioritized on meeting customer’s requirement of hiring a car for transportation. The mobile app development involves sourcing of cars from different individuals or firms and making them available to the people looking for renting a vehicle.


It is no longer needed to go to a brick-and-mortar car rental provider for hiring cars. Just an application is enough to book a car.

Car rental applications are a very new concept and it is one of the most useful recent advancements in the service industry.

Advantages of Car Rental Applications

Hiring a car through a car rental application is far better than waiting in a long queue in physical service centers. There is a huge demand for on-demand solutions for car rental and there are numerous benefits of hiring transport from a car rental application:

1. The car rented through an application is not limited to demographical boundaries and the car can be delivered to any desired location. This is a very good opportunity for people residing in areas where is a lack of car rental service providers in the near vicinity.

2. There is a huge amount of paperwork required for hiring a car from an offline store, which is not required for hiring a vehicle from an online car rental application. The car rental app development feature helps the app developer to curate the application that users can easily sign-in and book a car without any hassle of providing documentation.

3. The car rental is made available at affordable prices. The price and rental fees are regulated as per the transport requirement of the customer.

Additionally, they provide Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), Personal Effects Coverage (PEC), Collision Waiver Damage (CWD), and other insurance facilities for the user.

4. There are no extra charges or hidden charges while renting a car. There will be a dashboard displaying specified prices calculated as per distance, with additional charges like age surcharge and extra mile charges, along with taxes.

5. The car rental application provides free cancelation of the rented car until a specified period. The driving restrictions are clearly stated without any confusion.

Compulsory features for car rental application

While developing car rental applications, there are few mandatory features that need to be incorporated to make the software more user-friendly and easily accessible.

  1. Effortless login
  2. Authorize car selection
  3. Convenient ride scheduling
  4. Booking management
  5. Recall past information
  6. One-tap connect with chauffeur
  7. Payment details

Effortless login

The car rental application should be simple and easy to use. There should be a very simple login feature using which the user can sign in with very few login credentials and access the application easily.

This is one of the most important on-demand solutions a car rental service can provide.

Authorize car selection

The most important component of car rental services is the wide availability of car options. The car rental application should provide the users with the option to select a vehicle of choice for the required trip.

The mobile app development facility of car rental apps provides options of All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) like SUVs and trucks. 

Convenient ride scheduling

Users should be given the pliability of scheduling rides as and when required. The car rental booking should be made simple and hassle-free.

One can pre-book the ride if required or else can book when required.

There should be a dashboard for viewing the car’s navigation before and during the ride with the suggested time for reaching the destination should be displayed accordingly.

Booking management

The application should have a booking tab in which the customer can see the past and future bookings. There should be an option to access the admin profile to visit the ride details and access related information and documents.

The data for personal accident insurance must be accessible and downloaded from the dashboard.

Recall past information

The car rental application should be able to remember the past ride details including addresses and navigation of the user. This fantastic feature is essential for car rental app development.

The app should recognize and remember the reservations, pick-up spots, the number of passengers, one-way, or both ways ride, and estimated time of the ride.

One-tap connect with chauffeur

The motorist of the rented car should be easily connected by the user before the ride starts. There should easy options or build-in messenger for connecting the driver by the customers without the disclosure of a customer’s personal details.

Payment details

The rental application should clearly state the price details, surcharge fees, waiting for fees, Concession Recovery Fee (CRF) for business tax, contract modification fee for changing ride details, drop fee if the car is dropped off at other location than the stated address, late return charge, convention center surcharge, highway tax, rental tax or any other related fees that the user needs to pay while availing the services.

Innards of Car-rental Apps

The application should be accessed from both iOS and Android platforms, and easily searched by respective app stores. User has to download the app and sign in with email ID or through one-tap login feature that connects email account or other social media accounts.

The contact details should be entered and verified. After which the user can access the available cars and see prices for the ride for instant booking.

The app explores different car options nearby and shows the availability and time of arrival. The user can permit the application to access the present location and enter the destination address, the app will calculate the rental based on the distance.

Customers can pick and choose between different car options available at that spot and book the car.

On the other hand, the motorist of the vehicle gets notified about the incoming booking and can access the location for door-step car delivery. Users can navigate the distance and time for the car to arrive and board the car prior to its arrival.

The ride starts and the client can prepay or post-pay as per the options and enjoy the rental service.

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