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How to implement Artificial Intelligence to your Android and iOS Mobile Apps?

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Artificial Intelligence, a branch of computer science, focuses on building smart machines that can think and act like human beings. In other words, it can be defined as the simulation of human intelligence by machines like a computer system.

The Future of AI-

  • According to Tractica, the global AI software market is expected to generate a revenue of 126 billion US dollars by 2025.
  • According to IDC, worldwide spending on AI systems is expected to reach $57.6 billion by 2021.
  • IDC predicts that approximately 75% of the commercial enterprise applications will use artificial intelligence by 2021.
  • Around 40% of the companies in the United States of America are already using AI for improving their sales and building up better marketing strategies.

This machine-driven world demands every business process and technology to behave smartly to minimize human efforts and manpower. By making machines mimic like human beings, artificial intelligence has made it possible. Once considered as complicated, technology has now become a part of everyone's lives.

The technology that has gained immense popularity over a couple of years is revolutionizing almost all the industries, including Healthcare, Finance, Travel, eCommerce, and automobile. Keeping in mind the advantages of artificial intelligence, both startups and enterprises are adopting it to improve their mobile applications.

If you too want to leverage AI for scaling up your business processes and getting other benefits, then this article is exclusively for you. Here, in this article, we have provided six ways to implement artificial intelligence in your business mobile application. Let’s have a look:


How to implement artificial intelligence to your mobile applications?

Artificial intelligence, when integrated by expert-hands, can bring a major difference to your business mobile applications.

You can implement this technology in the following areas:

  1. For predicting consumer behavior
  2. To deliver a personalized experience
  3. For seamless communication
  4. To improve security level
  5. For recommendations
  6. To display relevant advertisements

Let’s read them in detail:

For predicting consumer behavior

AI, in combination with machine learning, helps in predicting user’s behavior and collect specific information such as age, gender, search history, and location. This data can help in creating effective marketing strategies that can bring desired outcomes. Netflix recommending you shows, TV series, or movies based on your gender or age is a sheer example of AI assisting in the prediction of user behavior. Apart from Netflix, there are other market players too that are taking advantage of this technology for looking into the interests of a user.

To deliver a personalized experience

AI algorithms, when attached to your ordinary mobile application, can collect and analyze useful information from various other sources over the web. Based on this information, you can offer recommendations to users who are looking out for a particular product or service. Using AI as well as ML, you can know about your customers, their likes/dislikes, their budget limits, and the keywords they choose to find different products.

For seamless communication

AI-powered chatbots can provide customer support or answer to users' queries or even direct their calls to the right person by judging the intent of their query. In this way, you can listen to multiple queries at one time. Apart from the chatbots, AI can also facilitate smart replies, which means understanding and auto-answering to the emails of your customers.

To improve security level

With AI's pattern-detection, image recognition, voice recognition, and other similar capabilities, you can improve app authentication. Apps, such as ZoOm login, leveraging this technology to allow its users to set up security locks using their fingerprints and Face ID can be considered as an example of AI improving the security of the mobile applications.

For recommendations

Have you ever wondered how an online shopping or any other similar website displays you a list of similar products when you are viewing something on that platform? The answer is simple: there is artificial intelligence behind it. By displaying similar products or recommendations, AI helps in driving sales and growth of your business.

To display relevant advertisements

Many industry experts have emphasized on this point that to outdo your competitors in the consumer market, the best way is to personalize every experience of the customers. Even a report by The Relevancy Group unveiled that 38% of the executives are leveraging ML and AI as the data management platform for advertising through their mobile applications. AI helps you to know the interest of the consumers, and analyzing the same, you can show them relevant ads.


The article showed you six ways of integrating artificial intelligence into your mobile applications. However, to make it possible, you need to contact a reliable and experienced AI app development company or AI development company. An alternative to this is to hire AI developers and hand over your project to them. While choosing any of these two, make sure you look into the company's portfolio to know their previous work in the domain of artificial intelligence.

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