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How to reduce the cost of mobile app development with React Native technology?

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When it comes to building a mobile app for your startup or enterprise, the prime consideration is to choose from the Android or iOS platform. Since both of these platforms have a huge customer base, it is good to develop a business application that is compatible with both (especially if you are targeting mass audiences). However, doing this can be expensive because these two platforms have different app requirements, and hence, you need two different developers to create an app.


Don't worry! There is a way to do that without spending huge bucks. Wondering how? The answer is by using React Native. Yes, React Native is a perfect choice for those who want to build a high-performing mobile app without going beyond their budget limits. To know more, check out the points given in this article.

But, before moving to the same, let’s have a brief introduction to React Native:

“Created by Facebook, React Native is a framework that has been dedicatedly built to make cross-platform app development possible without compromising on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. Developing a cross-platform application (an app that can run on both Android and iOS), developers can use a single codebase.”

Here is how React Native can help you to save big on your mobile app development cost:

Low app maintenance

A cross-platform app (developed using React Native) behaves exactly like a native app, which means it can use all device applications. Such apps don’t have to deal with versioning that is another reason behind their easy maintenance.

Code reusability

React Native comes up with the code reusability feature, which means developers don’t have to work hard to write different code for the other platform.

In other words, developers can develop an app using a single codebase for both the Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, the developers can also create and reuse native components without requiring any third-party bridge.

Faster App development

React Native has huge library components that ensure faster app development. Moreover, the native approach of this framework helps in saving approximately 33% of the total development cost by rolling out the apps faster on multiple platforms.

Simple integration

Applications developed using React Native can be flawlessly integrated with other apps, which in turn minimizes the efforts a developer has to put otherwise. The best part of the integration is that it doesn’t affect the app performance.


A cross-platform application can be accessed from different devices with different operating systems and platforms. And since the code of such apps can be reused, it is no more difficult to scale and develop at any point. This contributes a lot to reduce the cost of development.

Requires no extra resources

With this framework, A React Native app development companydoesn’t need to hire different teams for developing an application for the Android and iOS platforms, separately. This ultimately brings down the cost of development.

No worries about UX and UI

UI and UX play an important role in the success of a mobile application. Developing an app for both the Android and iOS needs a good amount of money to be paid to the React Native developers as well as the designers. Since the framework facilitates cross-platform-ability, one doesn’t require to design and develop the app twice.

Easy availability of the developers

React Native uses JavaScript as its coding language, and those with proficiency in JS can easily learn React Native. There are many React Native app development services providers with expertise and experience in JavaScript. The easy availability of the developers means you don’t have to pay high to find and hire the one.

Easy debugging

React Native uses various development tools, which ensures smooth and flawless app development. Moreover, it also facilitates the developer to debug the application, while still working on the development.


Since React Native requires less development time & effort, offers hot reloading, simple integration, easy app maintenance & debugging, scalability, and various other features, it is possible to develop a cross-platform application for both the Android and iOS without spending huge money.

Another factor that lowers down the cost of the development is the easy availability of various React Native developers and companies. However, it requires a great deal of attention to choose a reliable one among the pool. From the available React Native development company, you can rely on Quytechto get a scalable, robust, and high-performing app developed for your startup or enterprise. 

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