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Standards for mobile app developers in the mobile era

When Apple emerged with its mesmerizing and user engaging mobile products the world found a new addiction. And the addicts were after the look and feel of the mobile devices. The standard that Apple set pushed other companies into the thought process where they realized that the human anatomy is the loophole that can be used to lure customers. But the standard has been too high, and Apple being a design driven company has kept its crown claim safely intact.

Mobile App Developers

As the mobile industry was perplexed with the set standard of Apple, Google started its own approach in terms of the guidelines and made its own scrutiny standards.

The buzz has grown around the mobile application, thanks to the overwhelming increase in the mobile market and the scrutiny that Apple and Google brought into the market for material design. I would like the developers to know that we understand that meeting the hefty expectations in the age of 60 FPP gets quite tedious, but there are a few things that can be kept in mind while designing the look and feel of mobile apps.

Now, you will say what extraordinary measure can we take and meet the ever-growing expectations of the consumer? Well, when you go small you are bound to go big to make it successful, and designing a web-to-mobile platform gives you a face-to-face interaction with paradoxes and contradictions. The simple thing is to choose your tools wisely, those tools which help you in concentrating on the tough part while they take care of the small and easy fragments.

I would like to give you the guidelines that you can use to create that “feel”, which leave the users in awe.

  • The Imprint

Visuals are the flavor for users, and nobody likes to have food that doesn’t appeal to their taste buds. The mobile screen is a canvas which needs to be filled with artistic aesthetics.

Use full-width rudiments and balance them steeply. Adding rich backgrounds makes it captivating to the eye.

  • Shred to Prerequisites

Nobody likes a mess, and on a mobile screen, it can get magnified. It’s very important to avoid what is unnecessary and keep only the necessary stuff.

  • Respect Agreements

While using mobile devices, users expect certain elements to be in specific places. Take a note of what’s common and remember: if it isn’t fragmented, don’t mend it.

  • Pixel Perfect

Elegant interface is what attracts a user, and due to the innovations of HD screens users are getting more than they bargained for. Developers should keep in mind the perfect alignment and spacing.

Keep the aesthetics to be as simple as possible.

  • Keep Your Distance from the Web

It is time to put yourself into the shoes of a developer who thinks with the perspective of a native mobile app developer. I know the web has been around before even I was born, but now it is time to grow more and move ahead with the world’s pace.

Achieving the Mobile Feel

Avoid the underlined links, pop-ups, or radio buttons. They were no invented for the mobile experience.

And avoid having your hands on any of the available plugins in the web.

  • Touch

Provide larger buttons and hit targets and develop fully touchable and responsive cards while developing an application for the native mobile.

  • Slide and Side

The mobile screen uses interactions to mesmerize the user to the maximum capacity. Pull to refresh content and make the header disappear while scrolling down.

Make scrolling fun and easy for the user. Gestures such as zoom, stretch, pinch will add more to the interface.

  • Transitions

Make transition as much fun as possible for the user to keep users hooked to the mobile screen.

  • Page Loading

Speed, transition, and performance are the qualities that users look forward to while using a mobile device. A blank screen will be like a dark alley which everyone dreads to venture into, make sure you don’t start from one.

Make the page loading animated, don’t make them forget about the app while it loads on a blank screen.

  • Movement

Mobile users like to see things on the screen to move around or else using the mobile becomes a dull experience for them. Create an illusion by using animations while the content loads on the screen.

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