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Top 7 cross platform mobile app development tools for 2017

Top 7 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools for 2017

Cross platform tools are easy to use and helps build apps faster and cheaper. Find out which cross platform mobile apps development tools makes it to the list.

A plethora of interfaces, SDKs and programming languages are associated with different mobile devices which makes the marketplace of mobile easily split up. Hence, development of the application is a tedious task.

The concept of cross platform mobile apps is such that it is able to foster popularity since; it allows the developer to code a unitary time and redistributes the app across a variety of platforms. However, with a variety of cross-platform mobile development solutions and tools, it becomes tedious to decide on one by the enterprise.

Here is a list of top 7 cross mobile platform mobile development tool or platforms which pursue the work best:-

  1. React Native- its foundation goes to React, which is the JavaScript library used by Facebook in order to fabricate user interface. With the aid of this tool a sturdy plan is provided which helps the developers to pursue the shipment of the app at a faster rate. The fundamental UI block is utilized here, which make a rich mobile app for iOS and Android platforms utilizing the same JavaScript codebase.
  2. NativeScript-it is an open-source plan which aids in fabricating native iOS, Windows and Android mobile apps by utilizing JavaScript-a single code base. It simplifies the development of mobile application. It enhances the productivity. The best attribute associated with it, is that is UI support. With the support, it ensures the fabrication of app’s UI once. The latter can later be used on the other supported platforms as well.
  3. Xamarin-It uses C# codebases which aids in the development of a powerful cross-platform mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows devices. The special attribute associated with it is that it allows sharing of code on more than one platform.
  4. Appcelerator- It utilized a single JavaScript to pursue development of cross-platform mobile apps. Its special feature includes real-time mobile analytics and rich MBaaS which aid in the development of mobile app faster.
  5. Ionic- Ionic helps build apps that are near native and their use of Angular JS makes developing a breeze. Since it rides on Angular’s strengths it helps developers build production ready mobile in half the time of native apps. One of the most popular frameworks it has proven its mettle many times and is one of the easiest to learn.
  6. PhoneGap- Adobe is its owner. It is the most renowned tool which aids in the development of a cross-platform mobile app. With its help the newbie developer will be better off to write their application utilizing CSS, JavaScript and HTML5.
  7. Sencha Touch-it is a leading web application framework which has HTML5 and JavaScript as a foundation. It is based on MVC style architecture. It enables the developers to fabricate an impressive app in HTML5.

If you are an organization, the need of the customer needs to be prioritized in deciding on the type of app. A smarter approach should be utilized and care must be pursued to analyze various parameters such as mobile devices, customer demographic, coverage of supported platforms, and app interaction with customers etc.

to make to a well-informed decision.

You can visit Promatics Technologies Portfolio or case studies section for some examples of world class cross platform mobile apps built using above mentioned tools. If you are not sure what scenarios are the best to use cross platform mobile app tools here is an excellent article - When you should consider hybrid pl… app development? From health to education, from productivity to utilities our professional app experts will help you build just any kind of apps.

Do share your ideas with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send in a Request for Quote. We are waiting to launch your cross platform app.

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