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Apps and small businesses in 2017: how to launch apps successfully?

Apps and Small Businesses in 2017 How to launch apps successfully

How small businesses are waking up to the benefits of mobile apps in 2017? If you are small business and are looking to get a mobile app you need to read this now.

There is a misconception amongst small business owners that mobile apps are for large corporations and industries only. They believe that mobile apps are very expensive and a general website will solve their purpose.

However, small business owners should know that any business can profit from a mobile app. Mobile apps is being used as a growth tool by small percentage of businesses.

Having said that there are cases where some small businesses are so dependent on apps that they might not survive without a mobile app. If we see the trends from last couple of years then it is evident that mobile apps development is gaining popularity with small businesses.

There are a number of ways to build a mobile app, some of which are

  • Get it designed by in-house team
  • Outsource your mobile app development to a reputed agency
  • Freelance consultation
  • Using app builder software

Each of the above methods has their own advantages and drawbacks. An in-house solution is a bit expensive compared to other methods as it requires hiring someone that specializes in mobile app development.

Depending on the size of the company, it could consume lot of resources. On the contrary, outsourcing to an agency is a cost-effective way to build a mobile app.

These companies have lot of knowledge and experience, as they build business app exclusively. They can handle even the most complex and complicated mobile app design with ease.

Freelancers are always dicey. It can go well and it can go bad. You cannot risk this investment with a freelancer for sure.

And finally app builder software is limited in features and apps build via them look run of mill and dated.

It is important to note that there are lots of mobile app development companies in India, spanning different price ranges. With the right research, a business can find a mobile app development company that fits their ideal specifications.

How to launch the mobile app?

Small businesses cannot achieve their business goal merely creating a mobile app. It is important to market the mobile app through proper platforms.

Without proper marketing, even the best apps struggle to reach top position on app store. The good news is that you don’t need a huge budget or marketing team to launch your app.

You can do it by focusing purely on mobile app marketing techniques.

Go through the below list that include – pre-launch, launch and post-launch strategies. If your app is at early stage, it is better to stretch the pre-launch marketing to around six months to prepare your app for launch.

Know the target audience

Identify the target audience and create an app that meets their specifications. Know who will benefit more from your mobile app and why is your app better than that of your competitor.

App Landing page

Create a perfect app landing page to put your app and positioning to the test. Once the landing page is live, you can offer preview of your app, start collecting leads and integrate with an analytics to test variations of your messaging strategy.

Be visible on social platforms

Expand your social presence by identifying the most popular social networks with your target audience. If the targeting criterion is age-specific, market on those networks that are popular with the age bracket of your target audience.

How small businesses should launch mobile apps

Promo videos

Create promo video that captures the essence of your app in short time. Put the mobile app in a format that can be easily digested and shared by early customers.

App promo videos are the best way to launch your mobile app, as they take your marketing to a next level. The time length of promo video can be from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, starting the benefits clearly.

This is one of the best ways that small businesses can use to launch their app.

Feedback and reviews

Establishing feedback loop helps you test the app before launching. You need to open a channel of communication between beta testers that will allow them to relay any bugs they experience and communicate whatever questions, suggestions and comments they have.

The more communication you manage to bring with chosen feedback, the better your app will be.


Create a press kit a few weeks before you launch the app. Try to make it possible for bloggers and journalists to cover your app and ensure that everyone finds information about your app easily. Once you have the press kit, your influencers can scan over the assets to make decision of whether or not, it is worth covering.

Lock in the app’s description and messaging feature till the launch. In a study, it was found that more than 50% of the apps are discovered through app store search results.

To ensure that your app rank for search results --- you need to convince the audience by talking in their tone or language. Figure out the terms they used to describe your app.

Make sure that the message reflects these terms and reach the target audience.

Launch the app

Finally, the time has come to launch your app. Submit it to your favorite store.

Read the app store guidelines carefully, so that you should have no problems getting it approved. Submit the mobile app a week before the launch date to make last-minute revisions, if any.

Notify the availability of your app, once it is approved and is available in the app store. Send email to all who have signed up for email alerts on the landing page, and notify them of the app’s release.

Notify the press and influencers, and inform them of your app’s release. Encourage them to download the app and remind them that it goes a very long way.

Release the update

Release app updates after a few weeks of app launch. Earn the customer’s loyalty by listening and acting to their feedback.

Fixing the bugs will let the customer’s know they are valued and you are dedicated to improve the quality of your app. For best result, try to fix as many as bugs in the first update to minimize the effect on your ratings.

Make sure to engage the first customers with an active interaction to combat the competition. The best way to give positive experience to the customers is to engage them and make them feel valued.

After launching the app successfully, prioritize customer’s requests and design for growth. Create a better experience for customers by maximizing the resources.

Though you will not be able to please everyone, organize the requests by frequency and priority.

When we think of mobile app launch for small businesses, we think of only a single point of time. However, we forget everything --- the moment the app appears in the stores.

Launch is a not a fixed point, but a continuous process of iterating upon your app to meet the needs of stake holders. Continue to engage your customers and innovate to build on the momentum you have generated till now.

We at Promatics Technologies have been building mobile apps for small businesses since last few years. Contact us today if you too have been keeping your mobile app development plans on back burner due to expertise, costs or time.

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