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Top reasons people pass on Android OS devices for different devices and different OS's

Face it, Android devices dominate the smartphone market. This is largely due to the wide variety of devices that support Android OS. However, given the fact that other devices are in the market closely competing against these Android devices which are in most cases better spec-wise and cheaper price-wise, should point out that there are some problems with these devices.

This article is not to say Android devices are inferior to other smartphones/tablets, just to point out a few of the faults that put off people from purchasing Android devices.

Most of these faults can be categorised into three main divisions

  • Faults in Apps – Due to Android being supported by a whole variety of devices, sometimes apps may not be compatible across all devices as the devices have varying specifications. Also Play Store guidelines are comparatively lenient when compared to iOS and the probability of downloading a lower quality or spam app that may harm your phone is higher.
  • Faults in Devices – As most Android users will agree, regardless of the make of the device, there is a major overheating issue whilst running some applications and enabling your data connection. This in turn affects your battery and causes it to drain faster and decreases life span in the long run. Another major drawback in most of the Android powered devices is that they have very low internal memory. This causes the phone to slow down quite noticeably especially when you have apps running from your SD card.

  • Faults in System – Android is an open source platform. This gives developers quite a lot of free reign to customise the OS and build applications to closely integrate with the system. This also means there is no clear line as to what should be customised and what should not. This makes it very easy for the Android OS to be hacked. This has been a major security issue since the day the Android OS was launched. Furthermore there is the issue of fragmentation where different devices run different versions of Android and not all devices have the latest update available to them simultaneously. This is quite a nuisance for app developers as they have to develop applications to cater to different versions of the same OS. Another factor contributing to the instability of the Android OS is the fact that different hardware manufactured by different vendors according to and with different specifications are integrated together with the same OS. This causes unforeseen issues as it is not practically possible to test an Operating System and optimize it for multiple devices with ever changing specifications.

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