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3 ways MBaaS is changing mobile app development


Some apps do extremely well not only because of they have slick UI or engaging UX but because of their back-end services. These apps, powered with cloud based back-end, can be accessed through a number of devices.

With increasing interactivity of apps, modern mobile app development process is turning out to be complicated.  Report suggests that in most of the app development projects, nearly 80 percent of all the time is invested in the back-end development. It’s always hard to go parallel with the deadlines and developers need better ways to meet the demand of the clients. 

Here, Mobile Back-end-as-a-Service (MBaaS) comes up as the best solution available to handle projects with desired rapidity and implement it in time.

MBaaS serves a simple purpose: To develop apps faster without compromising with security or availability. This is attained by re-suing the proven back-end services through unified methods of integrations. 

MBaaS is similar to applying various phones cases onto your phone. Now it’s upon you to change its looks. It’s quite similar to changing the looks of apps through user interface; without interposing the core functionality of a phone. Now every time, you need updating the look of phone, you can get a new case, not changing the phone instead. 

With MBaaS, developers have a reliable way to connect to prebuilt, external and behind-the-UI functionalities such as enabling push notifications, social media linking, cloud storage connectivity. With these functionalities readily available, developers do not require to reinvent them every time they are working in a new project.

MBaas helps developers not only boost mobile innovation in multiple ways along with productivity, flexibility and agility.


MBaaS can be deployed on premises or in the cloud as per the requirement of project. No standard definition exists what best fits MBaaS but, here are some common MBaaS APIs for references.

  • User management
  • Push notifications
  • Social network integration
  • File and data services
  • Usage analytics

Most of the modern mobile apps use these services and thus wise developers are those who reuse them again, on other projects, not creating them from the scratch. These services can easily be reused with centralized control and monitoring. A survey conducted over the 100 developers revealed that MBaaS can reduce development time by nearly 44 percent. Also, MBaaS are well tested services, optimized thoroughly by their developers to the stay competitive in the market. Shared APIs enhance the development productivity and developers will have more time to focus on front-end of a mobile app development services.


There are many MBaaS vendors which provide advanced-service APIs and SDKs that let developers assemble apps with their advanced services. Take the example building an AI solution from the scratch. It will really be very difficult and time-consuming for developers to build AI solution for their apps from the beginning. Now if these services are available as MBaaS and billed under the pay-as-you-go model, developers are able to minimize the investment of the project. This gives them opportunity to develop with desired flexibility and  to rapidly adopt, assemble and test  advanced features without making big investments of time and money.


The traditional mobile app development process focuses on end-to-end developments of back-end and front-end. But when they adopt MBaaS, they do not need to think about underlying infrastructure and networks because most of the infrastructure is automatically provisioned and back-end services are prebuilt and tested and which in result, considerably shorten the development cycle. With shorter development cycle, developers can rapidly roll out apps and implement them on stores. 

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