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How to protect your intellectual property while outsourcing in 2017?

Have you thought of outsourcing app or website development to another country? Do you fear about your Intellectual Property being compromised? Follow these simple steps to safeguard your IP while outsourcing.

When the word outsourcing comes to one’s mind then many reasons pop up that whether it is right to proceed or not to go with it. Everyone wants to put his money in the right place.

Putting trust over someone sitting across continents is not easy but how can one ignore the enormous benefits it comes along with. However once you have decided to outsource your mobile app development project make sure you take care of certain things pertaining to intellectual property.

While we go for outsourcing app development, we are always worried for protecting our intellectual property (“IP”). There are miracles that will actually happen if you choose to outsource your project but you can always be proactive and make sure to follow guidelines to reduce the risk.

Things you should know before going outsourcing app development to protect your IP:-


  • Clear contract and protect your IP: To begin with, the very first thing to do to protect your IP is to know what exactly you are choosing to outsource. IP can be anything from copyrights to patents to design and trademarks, also can be in the form of software code or anything else. Be clear with the contract, where you know intellectual property over the code/technology is being transferred to your company. Many companies do not include this, so watch the actions. IP vary from country to country so do your homework first before the agreement of the contract. You can ask the agency to do that for you. Be sure to add NDA, NCA and other letter of non disclosures.
  • Ask/Claim what’s yours and other data access: Get legal advice if you need but register for your patents, trademarks and copyrights so that if any issue arise then you can take action against the parties that trouble you. Get that access to the API, data and server access. If API is created, we can directly connect to the ready-made part of the secure software. Data access is sensitive thing and we don’t allow every employee to access our important data. So it is crucial to protect our property by making it secure.
  • Company background: One needs to do well and deep research in choosing a service provider. Check the company’s record and portfolio for the work by read the testimonials, reviews, feedbacks and other references from other customers. Track records of the work and delivery is must. Choose well so that you end up with success and not cheat or fraud.
  • Trust your instincts: At the end what matters is trust. Come out with a good research and put your trust to them. This will help you actually go with the flow and end up being successful implementation of your project. Be sure to follow other paper-work and guidelines so that you don’t go wrong anywhere. A well done research will always help you in gaining a best outsourcing company for your app development.

Hopefully you understood the things to keep in mind before you start working with developers overseas. Make sure you follow every guideline and keep your intellectual property secure.

Choose a reputed app development company and make sure to check out and enquire about their intellectual property policies. Top mobile app development companies have highly evolved outsourcing models which ensure all IP of clients is taken care of.

At Promatics Technologies you get guaranteed IP protection along with the best app development services. Hailed by both industry giants as well as research houses, Promatics Technologies is your stop for outsourcing app development.

You can reach Promatics at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you want you can send in a Request for Quote.

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