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Brief note on best location based technologies for 2017

In this article, we have discussed the several location-based technologies majorly used in nowadays worldwide. It becomes essential to choose the right technology based on the specific need of your business in order to earn specific technology advantages.


Today the choice of location-based services (LBS) is so wide and varied with the enhancement in the deployment of mobile apps. Because of this, it has become difficult to consider their pros and cons.

In accordance with this, a concise overview can aid you to come up with the correct decision for your business.

The number of local data transfer technologies for mobile devices is endlessly rising.

Research has accounted that the location-based services industry are predicted it to rise fivefold by 2020.

Whether it is a Bank, retailer, or public facility now all struggle to communicate with their customers in a more personal, flexible and mobile method.

In this blog, I have discussed the several location-based technologies popularly used in nowadays for Mobile Application Development. It becomes essential to choose the right technology based on the specific need of your business in order to earn specific technology advantages.

1. GPS (Global Positioning System)


This location-based technology - GPSis used to track a location of Users with the help of specified search criteria. Apart from accessing information about the location, date or time and also offering driving direction, GPS-based technology is useful in several ways.

Location-based mobile app using GPS facilitates users to use your Smartphone as a GPS tracking unit.

It is very useful for a scope of personal and commercial applications as GPS provides satellite tracking services, It is a good option for outdoor environment and also where location/distance/traffic and other information needed. The drawback of this service is, it utilizes more power, and thus the device needs frequent charging affects the battery life.

Range it covers: Range it covers is Unlimited

Equipment required & it’s Costs: Not required the system is already there

2. Beacon


Beacon- a small transmitter device that is useful to convey a signal which is recognized by devices having Bluetooth enable within a range. It makes the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Beacons are obtainable in several shapes and formats like small coin cell, USB sticks and much more.

It works with the recent version of the iPhone (4S and above) and Android (4.3 and above) phones. It activates push notifications when visitors come in within a range of a beacon.

For tracking particular data of customers, beacon apps are used by several shopping malls, restaurants, retail shops and more. Mobile app development using beacon technology is helpful for various industries such as Healthcare, Retail, Education, Real Estate, Travels & Tourism etc.

Range it covers: Approx. 200 to 230ft.

Equipment required & it’s Costs: Required Transmitters/Beacons that costs about $25

3. Wi-Fi


WiFiis commonly used in offices, business centers, public places that allow users to join to networks with the use of some security measurements like username and passwords. Based on the capability of the network, it offers connectivity to its users.

It is used widely by the businesses to offer better services to customers. It does not need any app to use.

All types of devices can exploit WiFi networking and becomes widely available. It needs authentication prior to connect to the network as well as become not a good option for context-aware messaging.

It is mainly useful for indoor environment and also to share or utilize data on the diverse devices.

Range it covers: Within 100 ft.

Equipment required & it’s Costs: Required Wi-fi Router that costs nearly $50


In Mobile Application with a progression of the location-based technology, it helps businesses not only in rising growth and profits but in terms of providing efficient, cost-effective and adequately services to their customers. Taking a benefit of next generation technology aids your business to discover fresh prospects with new opportunities and gain a good reputation with the financial stability.

Hire an expert having the experience to create beacon apps or GPS app development in order to create the accurate type of location-based mobile app.

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