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How mobile apps empower small businesses

Mobile apps can work wonders provided the execution is sublime and purpose of the app is clearly defined regardless of you being a small-scale enterprise or an industry’s behemoth.

The advent of mobile apps has revolutionized the way businesses used to function and trade. The market is now more customer-centric than ever.

This calls for solutions that satisfy customers’ ever-changing demands. Without any doubt, the required solution is mobile apps.

They not only serve the purpose of satisfying customers but also granting them an exquisite experience.

A mobile app development agency can help small businesses to reach new success heights in a variety of disciplines including target audience, enhancing visibility, marketing and advertising campaigns and much more. Mobile apps can help you capture the essence of advertising aligning you with an ideal path to success.

Top reasons why small-scale businesses need to bank on mobile apps:

  • Custom-made loyalty schemes

Deals and offers attract everyone and with mobile apps, you go a step higher by launching custom-made loyalty programs. The loyalty points thus gained can be reimbursed by customers against products or items or services of their interest.

Such programs not only attract new customers but also add value and sense of trust to users’ lives.

Further, it works in favor of companies allowing them to analyze data gathered for smart and profitable growth hacking strategies. As a small-scale enterprise, it comes out to be a cheaper option as compared to other data analytics tools available on the market.

  • Enhanced customer support

It is an undeniable fact that setting an in-house customer support team for your customers isn’t easy or you can put it like this – it is not cheap. You require a handsome amount to do that.

A reasonable and effective alternative to this is a mobile app. A mobile app lets you get in touch with your customers directly and instantly.

It eradicates the communication gap between your company and your customers, which proves to be a winner as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. Interaction becomes facile without spending too much on unnecessary resources.

  • Targeted sales and marketing

With mobile apps, you can get hold of the device’s geographic location which can be put to effective use by sending relevant coupons and deals to users based on their current location either by push notifications or via SMS alerts. Doing this helps you to skip tedious marketing efforts and reach potential customers in the blink of the eye.

Forget the idea of marketing to masses, instead focus on the niche market and high potential leads with high chances of conversion.

  • Easy payment processing

With mobile apps, you make way for digital payments. Users can make payment in a fraction of seconds via credit/debit/cash cards, net banking or even via mobile wallets.

The payments get processed smoothly and securely and most importantly, anytime and from anywhere. Talking about the stats, payments done through mobile crossed $1 trillion three years ago.

With digital revolution taking over, trends suggest that mobile wallets will surpass each transaction medium and break all records in the coming years.

  • Impressive CTRs

Push notifications get users’ attention from the word go. It has been noticed that the click-through rate of notifications is higher than text or email messages.

As a marketer, you’d be able to make most out of your hard-worked marketing campaigns and hit the right audience at the right time.

  • Increase in revenues

Mobile apps are great to interact with customers, solve their grievances and succeed at satisfying them to the fullest. The level of satisfaction and engagement provided by mobile apps not only play in favor of customers but yours as well.

It helps you to win customers’ heart, trust and make your bond stronger, which make them loyal towards your brand enticing them to shop with you more often than normal.


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